Bittersweet Junction by Ivy Sinclair


Best friends once, lovers never, yet an attraction that can’t be ignored.

Five years ago, Julia Bell walked away from her life the moment her high school diploma was in her hand. She left her family and friends behind to start over and escape the choke hold of small town life in Benton Hill.

But an urgent call from her little sister brings Julia back to her hometown wholly unprepared for what awaits her.

Ben Miller was always the nice guy. Just before high school graduation, he stepped out of that role hoping to capture the heart of the woman he loved. Instead, in quick succession he lost the girl, and the future he worked so hard to achieve.

Even though Julia and Ben are drawn to each other, echoes of the past block them at every turn. Secrets are exposed, and reality needs to be dealt with if they can ever hope to move past the bittersweet junction that pulled them apart.

The Review:

**I won this book in a contest, but this won’t sway my review whatsoever.**

Bittersweet Junction is the first work I’ve read of Ivy Sinclair.  Honestly, I’m the type who has a tendency to judge a book by it’s cover and this cover made me think this would be a tame, not so great book.  Nothing against the cover or designer. It’s beautiful!  It just didn’t have the sex appeal I usually prefer. What a disguise!! This book held more passion and realism in it, then any book I’ve read in a very long time. I started reading it this morning at 5:45 am and I read it as I put on my shoes, dressed, etc. to get ready for an appt.  I read it up to 89% before I was forced to put it down to drive. I finished it the second I got back home by 9:30am. It was EXTREMELY hard to put down.

This book had me feel so many emotions and it was just downright believable.  Right down to the smiley on the silo in Iowa. I live in Iowa and I haven’t seen a silo with a smile, but I HAVE seen a smiley water tower.  So this took me back to that cute memory.

Julia ran from her problems, like many of us do and it takes her 5 yrs and a lie to get her to come home and face her biggest regret. When she arrives she receives an unexpected shock that throws her for one hell of a loop.  We hop on the emotional roller coaster with her, as she gets angry, sad, shocked, disappointed and as she learns more about herself and the life she left behind. I just truly fell in love with this book. I can’t express just how much.

It has moments that a lot of us wish we’d had in school and others we did have and regretted.  It’s a book of hope and the epitome that it is never too late to go back home and it’s never too late to fix past mistakes. It’s also never too late to reinvent ourselves.

I’m torn between wanting to blab all about this story because I love it so much and wanting to keep it to myself, so that you can experience everything with Julia as it happens to her.  So I will resist my temptation to blab, because what makes this book so special is the closeness you have with the characters. It has an ex love, a best friend, the unexplored love and the hateful bitch who made your high school years hell.

Ivy Sinclair has listed this as a standalone book, but I REALLY hope she writes a book about a couple other character’s lives, because I’m left wondering how it will end up. It’s not one of those drop it off cliff hangers, it COULD be a stand alone book…but I want more!!  I’ve grown quite attached and I don’t want it to end.

The sex scenes where soooo hot, yet not vulgar. They were passionate, yet slow and easy.  Ivy Sinclair truly has a wonderful gift and I look forward to reading many, many, more books of hers in the future. I honestly feel so blessed and like the luckiest person in the world to have won such an amazing book! Thank you Ivy Sinclair for the honor. ♥

This book is so amazing, I am officially announcing “Bittersweet Junction” and Ivy Sinclair, Indie Spotlight of the Week Winner.


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