Soul Broker by Tina Pollick

Soul Broker By Tina PollickDrew and Mackenzie meet when she literally bumps into him. Their attraction is immediate, resulting in a one night stand.  

Mackenzie wakes up, Drew is gone and she’s left to deal with the aftermath.  But she’s more resourceful than what meets the eye.

Drew is a Soul Broker. He gets people to trade their souls for something they want.  He traded his soul years ago for a love he thought he wanted.  Now he’s chained to his master, who wants what Drew loves most in this world and she won’t stop until she owns more than just Drew’s soul.

**I was given an ARC from the author, for an honest review and so I shall deliver.**

“Soul Broker” is the first story I have ever read from Tina Pollick and I loved it.  It’s a short novella, 54 pages worth of story.  But it’s enough to wet my appetite for more of this series and I really hope her next book that is due out on December 4th, 2013(Souls Unbound) is a full length book.

The Review:

The book starts out with Drew performing his duties as a Soul Broker.  A man is trading his soul to spend his life with a specific woman. Drew hates his job, especially since he too was once a love sick “fool” who thought losing his soul for love was a worthy trade.  He didn’t care whether the woman loved him back at the time, anymore than this guy or others have cared throughout the years. They want what they can’t have and nothing will stop them.

Mackenzie in a rush to get home out of the chilly wind and her hands full of groceries, runs right into what she thought could only be a wall as solid as it was.  The “wall” turns out to be the handsome Drew.  They both immediately feel attraction towards each other that neither can fight. Despite her rational thoughts of not being alone with a stranger and his master’s invisible collar trying to pull him back to the other realm, they end up in Mackenzie’s apartment for dinner and make wild, passionate love.  When Mackenzie wakes up the next morning Drew is gone and she’s left with questions, guilt and heartache.

Three years later, Drew’s Master, Olesha comes to him with a task, that she wants him to personally do.  Go to earth, grab a girl and bring her back to their realm where the girl will be her slave as well. When Drew reminds Olesha this is forbidden, she gives him some life changing news that sets a whole chain of events into motion. He is given 72 hours to complete this mission.  Drew plans to use this time to save the girl from an eternity of hell.  But how can he do that alone? Who is powerful enough to help him?  He turns to Mackenzie who has a few skills of her own and also to his father, who turns out to be quite the surprise power source.

I’ve had to be pretty vague in my review, because it IS a short story and I don’t want to give the entire plot away. I love the characters and I love the story.  The only complaint I have is I WANT TO READ MORE! 🙂 Tina Pollick makes you feel Drew’s anguish of all his regrets and you feel his love for those around him.  Mackenzie is an amazing woman.  She’s feminine yet she’s strong.  She’s the epitome of a lioness.  I found the whole story believable, defying what logic tells me. The father irked the hell out of me though.  Glad to see Drew doesn’t take after him with which head he thinks with.  Definitely didn’t like daddy dearest’s lack of priorities.  Olesha was a perfect villainess based simply on the fact I hate her.  It takes good writing to make you hate/love characters and that’s exactly what happened here.

If you’re looking for an action packed short story and a potentially new favorite series, I recommend this.