When Darkness Comes by Alexandra Ivy

Guardian 1
It’s been a hell of a day for Abby Barlow. In just a few hours, she’s survived an explosion, watched her employer die, had a startling dream, and now she finds herself in a seedy Chicago hotel with the sexy, unearthly Dante, a man she both desires and fears.

For 341 years, Dante has stood as guardian to The Chalice, a mortal woman chosen to hold back the darkness. A terrible twist of fate has now made Abby that woman. Three hours ago, Dante would have used all his charms to seduce her. Now she is his to protect. And he will do so until his very death.

A terrifying plan has been set in motion, one that will plunge Dante and Abby into an epic battle between good and evil—and a desperate race to save their love.

This is the first book in Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity Series. The book begins with a prologue, giving the background of the Chalice, the only person who can keep evil and darkness from overtaking the world. The Chalice is a human host to a powerful spirit, “The Phoenix”. A coven of witches placed the Phoenix into a girl named Selena, who was sacrificed by her father. They then condemn Dante, a vampire, to be chained to her for eternity and to protect her, no matter the cost. As long as she’s alive, Dante is her slave.

The real story begins with Abby breaking a priceless ming vase and Dante, the eye candy of the house, is behind her, watching her contemplate on how to hide the evidence.

All Abby needed to do was ensure that she didn’t leave any trace of her crime and surely all would be well. No one would ever know.

No one. “My, my, I never thought to see you on your hands and knees, lover. A most intriguing position that leads to all sorts of delicious possibilities,” a mocking voice drawled from the entrance to the drawing room.

*sigh* If only I could break a priceless vase and have someone like Dante appear behind me. The description Alexandra Ivy gives of her leading man, makes you invision him and he becomes your eye candy as well. Abby, you immediately connect with on an emotional level and you want to be her friend. She’s a tough cookie, who’s had a bad life, yet she’s risen from the ashes to persevere. She’s taken the job on as house maid to Selena and assumes Dante is her boy toy, (Not really, he hates the bitch) but that doesn’t keep Abby from ogling him whenever she gets a chance. Who could blame her if he looks like this:

God’s truth, he looked like a delicious, dangerously wicked pirate.

Still kneeling upon the floor, Abby allowed her gaze to travel over the black biker boots and long, powerful legs encased in faded denims. Ever higher she skimmed over the black silk shirt that hung loosely upon his torso. Loose, but not loose enough, she acknowledged with a renegade shiver.

In the middle of their mutual “appreciation” for each other, there is a loud explosion and they both run to Selena. That is when all hell breaks loose and their adventure begins. Selena, who is supposed to be immortal as long as she has the Phoenix within her, has been charred to a crisp and is dying. Abby, being a good person, rushes to her aid. Just as Dante is feeling the chains of slavery releasing him, Selena reaches out and grabs Abby, transferring the Phoenix to her before dying. Once again, Dante is chained, this time to Abby, and he must keep her and the Phoenix safe.

Over the years, Selena had been trained by the witches and learned to mask the powers of the Phoenix, but now that it resides in Abby, it’s powers are like a beacon to all the evils of the world. This of course, means Abby is walking around with a “I’m right here! Kill Me!” target on her head and Dante has to take her on the run(Anyone else hearing REO Speedwagon in their head?) to keep her safe.

Dante might have hated Selena, but he has feelings for Abby, and though it would be a far better life, to be chained to someone he desires, he cares enough for Abby to begin hunting for the witches who condemned him to an eternity of slavery. They are the only ones who can transfer the Phoenix to a new Chalice and most of all, keep demons from hunting Abby down and killing her.

“We must seek out the witches.”

He felt her suck in a shocked gasp. “The witches? You mean the women who put this Phoenix into Selena?”

His features hardened. Even after three centuries, he vividly recalled every moment he endured at the hands of the coven. The black dungeon. The chains that had burned his very flesh. The magic that had leashed him like a neutered dog. His searing hatred had not eased, but his concern for Abby was even greater. There was no one else who could help her.


I absolutely LOVED this book! Following Dante and Abby around as they hunt for witches, battle demons and fall in love was quite the adventure! It had the expected and the unexpected. But it was all woven in an amazing package. Alexandra Ivy can paint a picture like no other!