Bound and Freed Boxed Set by Nikki Sex

Bound and FreedThis is a collection of 5 BDSM books from the Bound and Freed Series by Nikki Sex. I have to say, I was pretty impressed!  I normally don’t read BDSM books.  Not because I don’t like them, I just don’t see them around that often and the last one I did read, I was seriously disappointed and annoyed with.  But OBVIOUSLY I haven’t been looking hard enough! Because here this amazing series is!

Since the books are short stories, ranging from the shortest at 42 pages and the longest at 172 pages, I DO recommend you buy the boxed set.  It makes the reading transition from book to book smoother and you’re able to fully appreciate the story in it’s entirety vs bits and pieces spread out.  I wish Nikki Sex had just made it into one glorious book, but I also respect the fact she had her reasons.  Many people like the short reads and as long as you’re aware it’s a short story series and there will be cliff hangers from book to book, then you won’t be disappointed.

**NOTE** Even though you could find out more information about each book in their individual descriptions, I personally don’t want to have any spoilers included in my review, so I’m going to review these 5 books as if they were one, since I bought the boxed set. Normally I would separate these books, but they ARE short and it won’t take much to spoil the entire series and in my personal opinion, they deserve to hold their secrets until a lucky reader has opened up the entire package.

The Review:

First off, this isn’t “Fifty Shades of Grey”…not even close. I ONLY mention this to paint a clear picture of the world Nikki Sex has created with this series. Comparing the “Bound and Freed” Series to “Fifty Shades of Grey” is like comparing “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” to “Twilight”.

“Bound and Freed” is darker…more powerful…more realistic to what BDSM truly represents. It’s not about controlling, it’s about dominating. It’s not about humiliation, it’s about acceptance. Nikki Sex doesn’t romanticize BDSM, she gives it to you straight and to be quite honest, I think this realism will sadly be lost on many people.  However because of this, she’s renewed my love of BDSM erotica and I think there will be others who will feel the same way.

John Taylor is a sexy, troubled and mysterious man and the ultimate Dom. He’s quiet, yet demands and receives the utmost respect and obedience. Nobody knows his secrets, but they feel the need to confess theirs to him, earning him the knickname “Father John”.

John Taylor , with unconscious , confident animal grace strode inside like he owned the place. He looked so masculine, so dominant, and tough. The man was wearing his black leather Matrix-style trench coat, black leather pants and black swat boots. John’s dark hair and eyes combined with his Matrix look reminded her of Keanu Reeves. Only Reeves, who Kelly considered to be an undeniably hottie, could never be as attractive to her as John Taylor was.

Kelly Flynn is a submissive at the same club that John frequents and she desires him, yet is terrified of him.  John is known for his talents with the bullwhip and the most pain Kelly can handle is a spanking.  She knows he’s way out of her league, but she continues to want and fantasize about him from afar.  Then one night as the club is closing, she gets trapped with him in a dark elevator. Instead of uncovering all the secrets she knows he has, she begins confessing all of hers.

“Now tell me, Kelly,” John said. “When did you last masturbate?”

“Last night,” she replied immediately.

“Good girl,” he said, sliding two digits between her damp folds and slipping them deep inside her. Kelly moaned. John took his fingers out and lightly brushed her slick essence over her swollen clit a number of times. Kelly understood then. This was an instant reward for her honesty. Rapturous pleasure spiked through Kelly and her core tightened at his perfect touch. Oh Lord! His thick male fingers felt sooo much better than she had imagined.

“What did you fantasize about when you were masturbating?” he asked

Kelly’s thoughts paused for just a split second, as she wondered how to reply. The truth was she had been thinking about him. How could she tell him that? No way! Instead she said, “Uh, just the usual, you know, hot guy , intercourse.”

The acute pain was instantaneous.

WOW! Is it hot in here!??  As the story goes on, you begin to understand more about John and Kelly.  Their fears, their desires, their passions and their demons. Nikki Sex weaves a wicked web around you and entraps you into an amazing tale of love, abuse, neglect and finding yourself. You get so caught up in their story, you ALMOST forget who the dom is and who the sub is.  Then John steps in and makes sure you remember!

“Back now,” he ordered and Kelly turned back toward him.

John stared at her with that intense gaze, that look that made her whole body tremble with a combination of excitement, apprehension and desire. Did John know how much he affected her? Kelly felt certain that he did.

“Knees,” he snapped.

This dominant command blasted Kelly into a heated state of shameless lust. Was it the tone of his voice? Or the rough demand?

This series isn’t JUST about sex…there is a real story here and a mystery for you to uncover.  Will you love or hate John by the end?  Who is the person who haunts John’s nightmares? There are so many questions, so many twists and turns to discover. Take a ride on the dark side and read “Bound and Freed”, I think you’ll enjoy the rush!!