“Cherry Tart” by Scarlett Jade

1238061_164535843735528_726687772_nCherry Kilgore is a plus sized beauty who moonlights at a strip club and goes by the name Tart. She dances to have control over her body and chase away her demons, hiding behind a mask, the only thing that makes her feel free. She loves ’em and leaves ’em, never letting a man get too close. Until she meets a man one night that strips her bare with his electric green eyes.

Kellan Morgan is a playboy with a good heart, who loves a woman with real curves. When he figures out that the woman hiding under her mask is worth revealing, he decides to play her game… A game that is full of pleasure, pain, going the distance and finally getting the ultimate prize… Realizing that love can truly be found in the darkest of places.

I was given an ARC of this book by the author, Scarlett Jade, for an honest review and so I shall deliver.

The Review:

This is the first book I’ve read by Scarlett Jade and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! I’ve read thousands of books, but this is the first one I’ve read with a plus sized beauty as the heroine and it was so refreshing! Gone was the dowdy ,”I hate body” stereotype and in was the sexy woman who could work her body and a pole like no other.

She stepped out on stage and took control of the crowd. Her lush hips swayed to the rhythm of the beat and she twirled slowly, watching the crowd. She bent and came up an inch at a time, her ass undulating, giving the crowd a show of her full breasts, pushed up high by a black and crimson corset, the color mimicking her lips and hair. She was known to the crowd, simply, as Tart.

She loved to dance. It was in her blood. Her mother had been a ballet dancer, and her dad had been big into tap. She’d been told all her life she wasn’t thin enough to dance. That she would never make it. But she’d proven every damn one of them wrong. She rocked the stage five nights a week and was totally satisfied with her life. Women came just to watch, not for sexual gratification; okay, some of them did, but others came just for ideas to take home, or for a boost of confidence. She liked proving to women that it was okay to be plus sized and sexy. It felt good helping people believe they were worthy.

She walked confidently to the pole, her long legs making it look effortless as she wrapped around the metal and twirled.

She makes ME believe I could work that pole…without the face plant I’m sure that would result. But she makes me BELIEVE I could do it. lol

During her performance, she locks eyes with a handsome stranger. She has a mask on, but she can see his face and his piercing green eyes. When she is walking off stage her insecurities begin to show a little and then Mr. Green-eyes appears suddenly in front of her.

As the song slipped off and the club beat drummed back through, she grinned wide and applause filled her ears. Some of the girls played with drugs, but not her. The music was her high. She’d be buzzed on it for the rest of the night.

It keeps the demons at bay, hmm, Cherry? This bastard voice whispered in her head and she had to fake the last smile she threw at the crowd. Her stomach turned and she blinked against the hot tears that filled her eyes, suddenly, making her violet contacts swim. She caught her corset at the end of the stage and blew her customers a kiss, her throat squeezing tight as she slid behind the crimson curtain and her eyes collided with Mr. Green Eyes.“You aren’t supposed to be back here,” she gasped, sliding her voice down a notch and throwing a slight southern drawl into the mix, adding another layer of allure to her disguise.

“No, probably not.” He grinned, his face turning even more devastatingly handsome by the second. The rest of him isn’t bad either, she mused. His brow crinkled and he murmured, “You okay?”

She blinked rapidly to hide the evidence of her tears before pursing her ruby red lips and he smirked, taking a drink out of his glass. “Yeah, fine.

Later the next day, Cherry starts a new job, a day job.  She meets Mr. Green-eyes and discovers his name is Kellan Morgan. She also discovers he has quite the day job as well. Their paths collide and at one point a mess is made on his pants.(hmm…how many of you out there are thinking perverted thoughts right now? You might be right, you might be wrong…but what Cherry says next had me falling out of my seat!) As Cherry is wiping his pants off, she happens to notice something.

 There is a motherfucking snake on this motherfucking plane. OH MY GOD.

BAHAHAHAHA!!!! PRICELESS!!  That’s not even the funniest line in the book!

Scarlett Jade turned an erotica into a comical into a love story.  By the time she was done, you knew without a doubt, you not only met Cherry, you also met Scarlett, because so much of the author has been placed into the star of this book. How could she not be? The feisty attitude, yet the loving heart. The insecurities, yet the confidence in her own skin and sex appeal. The playfulness, yet the dedication.  It is rare to see so much of an author put into a character.  If I’m wrong, I’ve lost a future best friend, because Cherry Kilgore makes me want to know Scarlett Jade and Scarlett Jade makes me want to know Cherry Kilgore.

Cherry Tart was funny, sexy, sweet and refreshing. Who does that hateful inner voice belong to? Will Kellan discover Cherry and Tart are one and the same? Will his fantasy be realized or destroyed and will he destroy Cherry’s confidence in the process? And where the hell do oompa loompas come into the story at!!!????  Oh yes…they DO…and Cherry’s chat with them is pure “I can’t breathe!” laughing pleasure!!

Scarlett Jade has a reminded me why cherry pie and now Cherry Tart is one of my favorites!  Because of the comedy, sex appeal and all around creativity I give Cherry Tart the rating it deserves and it’s also why I’m putting “Cherry Tart” by Scarlett Jade in my Indie Spotlight!!

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