“Galactic Energies” by Luca Rossi

Luca Rossi - Galactic Energies - coverThe artificial intelligences of DataCom are trying to save the planet… by exterminating the human race. Aurelia finds her perfect man: a robot. The space explorer Captain Arcot sacrifices his life for an impossible conquest, the heart of Vril the vampire queen. A shape-shifting mutant ignites the erotic desires of the galactic police officer who’s been tracking her down. Alessio fights against corruption in a universe of his own creation. An innocent man is forced to submit to the domination of a ruthless prison director. A king who’s forgotten his own past wanders through a magical dimension where he discovers his own history. Two souls separated after one abandons the other meet again in another life. In an exciting virtual reality game, the hunter of the fearsome black widow becomes her prey.

I was given this book and asked to review it by the author Luca Rossi, but this will in no way influence my review.

I want to first start out by stating three important details to insure fairness to myself, my readers and the author.  

  1. Futuristic stories are not something I normally read
  2. When I received the review request, the genre was listed by the author as “Erotica”
  3. I was under the impression, based upon the above summary(in bold), that was exactly copied from Amazon.com, this was one story. It’s not. It is 9 short stories, so I will summarize and rate each one individually.

I still however finished the book, therefore I will write this review. By finishing it, I acknowledge I am honestly able to review this book based on content and not by the futuristic subject. If I felt it was an issue, I would’ve kindly told the author it wasn’t something I enjoy and told him I wouldn’t review it.(I’ve done this in the past with other books similar).  I chose to continue, because Erotica is one of my absolute favorite genres and futuristic or not, erotica is erotica to me. ♥  

Story #1: “Rewind” The story starts out with what appears to be an obsessed fan(Alberto) in love with an actress(Jasmine), talking about seeing her leave a restaurant and being just happy to be in her presence.  But then the story jumps to Alberto and his friend Alessio, playing a video game. They receive a phone call telling them a banking system they had designed had been approved and would be used.  The story goes into detail about how the system works and in the midst of it, we see a flash of the obsession with the actress. But then we get fast forwarded to some other experiences the main character has.  At one point, we catch a brief glimpse of sex, but nothing that I could honestly consider erotica. He has a conversation with the actress at one point, and then we find out something completely unexpected, the story then ends there. 

My Review of “Rewind”:  This story was 40 pages long.  When I first started the story and was thrown into the story of a fan watching his favorite actress, I thought this would be an amazing jumping point to some erotic obsession, but I have to be honest and say, it fell short. Luca Rossi had an amazing story line with that perspective, but unfortunately I learned more about the banking system. Instead of on rewind, I felt as if I was thrown in fast forward throughout the entire story, with an occasional pause. Erotica was nearly non-existent. For this short story, I have to base my rating upon the genre in which it was presented, which is erotica and the fact the obsessed fan content DID hold some potential had there been a follow through, I give “Rewind”: 2 Stars

Story #2: “The Kingdom of Turlis” The story begins with Antelmo and his wife Anna preparing for dinner, suddenly Antelmo decides to go on a motorcycle ride. During his ride, he starts being pursued by the police, for what he can only assume is for not wearing a helmet. But when they bring out the helicopter, he realizes they believe he did something more serious. He makes his getaway down through the woods and ends up at a cottage. He runs inside to hide. He is then surprised by the homeowner coming inside singing Lady Gaga’s, “Born This Way”. When he’s discovered, he’s shocked when he learns this homeowner isn’t what she seems. She then takes him on an adventure in a flying house, where they end up in an exotic place. He is shown to a well, where he is able to recover lost memories and it is there he makes a choice that will affect his life. Will he choose his past or his future?

My Review of “Kingdom of Turlis”:  This story was 34 pages long and unfortunately, there was absolutely no sexual content at all in this story. It too jumped around and I felt like I was being thrown into fast forward throughout the whole story. Because there was no erotica and the content was so scattered, except for when I was able to sing and read the lyrics to Born This Way, I give this story the rating of: 1 Star

Story #3 “Life In Prison” The story begins with a gentleman named Germil in prison. He’s describing his cell and his cellmate Narios.  We discover Germil has no idea why he’s been incarcerated and he/we never do find out.  For some reason, his sentence keeps getting longer and longer. We discover the prison warden has something to do with that. She takes a liking to Germil and turns him into her sex slave. Does Germil ever get out?

My Review of “Life In Prison”:  This story was 33 pages long and DID have some erotica in it. If you have a foot fetish and like whips, this will definitely be to your liking. Because this did come through with the erotica and had a consistent storyline, I give this story a rating of: 2 1/2 Stars

Story #4 “Forms of Love” This story begins with a galactic police officer Captain named Ian chasing and finally capturing a shape shifting mutant named Ipsia.  She’s a most wanted fugitive and it is Ian’s responsibility to take her to prison which is about a 2 week long trip to get to.  During the first few days, she teases and tempts Ian and his colleague Eianus, even going as far as shifting into Ian’s ex love, who he still has feelings for. But he resists.  A week before the arrival to the prison, Eianus is sent off on another mission, so it is up to Ian to make sure he delivers his prisoner. Does he stay true to his job or does Ipsia’s illusions weaken his resolve?

My Review of “Forms of Love”: This story was 26 pages long and was my favorite story out of them all. There was sexual tension and yes there was some good erotica in it. I liked the content, the flow of the story, the sexual tension and Ian’s inner struggle for control over his temptation and his past. I also liked the message that was given at the end. It was sweet and a surprise. This story was truly the diamond in the rough. Because of the presence of erotica and a nice story line, I give “Forms of Love”: 3 Stars

Story #5 “Latrodectus Mactans” The story starts out with a gentleman joining an interactive video game. It’s more interactive than he thought.

My Review of “Latrodectus Mactans”: This “story was not even 3 1/2 pages long. No story, No sex. Therefore No rating.

Story #6 “Arcot and the Queen” The story starts out with Captain Arcot landing his ship on the planet Vlaolia, whose ruler is a vampire, Queen Vril.  Once he meets the Queen, he can’t tear himself away from her, so chooses to be her blood slave, just so he can remain is her presence.  Princess Icolia, another vampire, comes to visit and is immediately drawn to Arcot and asks the Queen to offer Arcot to her. The Queen refuses and Princess Icolia leaves.  She later comes back and meets up with Arcot privately. She does something to him. Does she kill him or save him? Or is it the Queen who decides his fate?

My Review of “Arcot and the Queen”: This story is not even 16 pages long.  There was no sex, but a little bit of a foot fetish again. It also held a hint of S&M, but nothing I would consider Erotica. The story line, fell a little flat, but it had potential. Because of that I give this story: 2 Stars

Story #7 “The Perfect Family” The story begins with a woman named Aurelia receiving a massage from her lover Carlo, who we soon discover is a robot made to look identical to a real man, just with better perks. She decides she would like to have a child and discovers there is a way she can make this happen with Carlo. What happens afterwards will surprise you.

My Review of “The Perfect Family”: This story was 6 page long. There was some realistic erotica and unusual, yet not surprising issues with the parenting. I liked the futuristic idea of having a “perfect” lover/co parent. It reminded me a lot of some shows I’ve seen where men are trying to create the perfect robot woman, so I liked this interesting twist. Because it did have some sex and a great idea for a story, I give: Stars

Story #8 “Maciste” The story starts out with a man named Nick introducing himself to a lady named Joanna(Jay).  Jay will be taking Nick on some trails and climbing.  We then are switched to a new scenario, Maria is coming home and the dog named Maciste, who she hates and inherited from her late father, greets her at the door, accidentally sliding on a letter, pushing it under a bench. The postman, Nuccio, stops by to chat and mentions it. When Maria opens it, she discovers some exciting news. She then packs and leaves.  Maciste follows, and Maria then ties him to a tree leaving him there.  The story then goes back to Nick and Joanna on the trails. Nick is out of breath and struggling to keep up and then something happens that brings the two stories together.

My Review of “Maciste”:  This story wasn’t even 6 pages long. It didn’t make sense unless you were reading very very carefully. Once you understand, you get the idea of how Karma can work. Because of the confusion and no Erotica whatsoever, I give this story:  1 star

Story #9 “Clouded Emotions” The story starts out with Isabella, setting her sights on Mario, who is a programmer of video games at Data com, as a target to make him fall for her. After going through the meeting process and him falling for her, we’re then taken to Mario in his car listening to the radio. It keeps announcing real estate is dropping. He then goes to his house, where by shutting off his phone has people coming after him. We discover he has accidentally programmed a game to give subliminal message to players to commit suicide and he’s lost his job and is now on the run. While in an abandoned building, Mario discovers Isabella isn’t all she had seemed and bad things happen. We are then trapped in the chaos that becomes life or death.

My Review of “Clouded Emotions”:  This story was the longest with 53 pages. The story was very chaotic and I had to read and reread several times to try and keep up. By the end, I still wasn’t quite sure what had happened and it left me dazed and confused. Plus there was no erotica at all. It gave the implication, when Isabella was chained to a bed, but we discovered she’d just had something inserted into her body that needed to be removed. There was a story line, but it was a chaotic one. Because of that and the fact there was no Erotica, I give it: 2 Stars

My Review of the Book in it’s Entirety:

I was saddened by the lack of Erotica. That is what I thought I would be reading and I got very little in some stories and none at all in others. There was a lot of chaos in the stories, yet there were some story lines that could have had potential, but were given up on to go into a totally different direction.  I enjoyed the story “Forms of Love”, it had Erotica, a nice story line and it flowed very nicely.

Unfortunately all these stories seemed more like a bunch of story ideas/proposals that were meant to go to a publisher, instead of to readers as erotica.  Luca Rossi has a lot of great ideas and potential, but that was mostly lost in chaos. I noticed on Amazon.com it lists another gentleman as the translator of this book. So all I can think of is maybe the real stories were lost in translation?? Or perhaps it was just Luca Rossi was trying to put too much information into too short of stories.

I hope Luca Rossi considers a different route with some of his stories, ESPECIALLY “Forms of Love” and then the idea of an obsessed fan with the “Rewind” story.  I think those two stories could actually be made into stand alone books.

Luca Rossi is a good writer, “Forms of Love” is the perfect example. I would just suggest he focuses on one topic and sticks with it instead of veering off on so many other angles within one story.

This review was hard. I don’t like to belittle anyone’s hard work and that was never my intention with my review. But I was asked to review this honestly and I’ve stated many times I have 3 review rules for myself…they are:

  1. Review with Honesty
  2. Review with Fairness
  3. Review without Spoilers

I hope I have lived up to those expectations. But everyone who is reading this review must keep this in mind…these are my thoughts, my opinions. I’m one single reviewer, nobody special. Will I tell you to buy or not buy this book? No way in hell would I take that upon myself. In fact I’ll include a link to buy “Galactic Energies” by Luca Rossi, because this may very well be something someone else would enjoy. I will keep an eye out for other works that Luca Rossi puts out. I hope he continues his dream of writing and I hope he continues to thrive.  One thing I can say with absolute certainty is, Luca Rossi has one hell of an imagination and a head filled with amazing ideas. Perhaps too many ideas are screaming to get released. My recommendation for him would be to let one out at a time. Use them to your advantage. You could turn all your ideas into wonderful books. I think you’re short changing yourself and your readers by only putting those ideas into short stories. Think big…go big…become big. Despite these ratings, Luca Rossi still rates high on my list for people to watch. It’s the people with all the ideas who come up with the best books. He’s brilliant and has the imagination to create some kick ass movies/books someday with all those ideas. The key is controlling them a little bit.

So my final rating of the book in it’s entirety…personal feelings aside, basing my review on content and the Erotica genre it was pitched to me, I must stay true to my belief of honesty and give “Galactic Energies”:

EDITED TO ADD: Reply from the author, Luca Rossi, concerning my review:

Hi, I’ve read your review several times. I’m always very happy to find something that will help me to give my best and to improve my skills. Thank you very much!

I like your review… I really do! 🙂
Kind regards,
This email is the greatest gift I could have received. It’s also a PRIME example of the greatest virtue an author or any artist can have. ♥  Not only is Luca Rossi on my “to watch” list, he’s also at the top of my respect list. ♥♥

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