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Nadine Christian(Author)

I was extremely blessed with an interview with her! Here it is! ūüėÄ

When did you know you wanted to become a writer? ¬†Actually, ¬†I started off writing a non-fiction book about Pitcairn. Once done and edited I sent it off, only to get replies from people saying — Interesting, but no one cares about Pitcairn island. So I thought… hey, if no one cares, or knows about the island, I’m gonna get them interested! LOL ¬†So I decided to write a novel — hot and steamy and full of mystery…and here we are!¬†

Why did it take so long to publish your first book? You’re amazing! Now you have me blushing. ¬†Thank you. It’s all for you though. The person who wants to sink into something out of this world.

Kids and life got in the way. Once I did sit down and begin writing though I found that it was something I had to do. So now, in between the life that is Pitcairn, I write. Every day. 

Where is Pitcairn Island located? ¬†We’re in the South Pacific. About a two night boat trip from the Gambier Islands. Right in the middle of nowhere! No wonder Fletcher Christian decided to settle here after the mutiny!¬†

Is Pitcairn Island really as it’s depicted in your books? It sounds like such a serene place to live. ¬†Scenery — absolutely. People — well some are just as sweet. I’ve never met anyone like Masie though! ¬†It’s hard work. For a family of seven such as mine it’s quite hectic. You can’t just run down the supermarket for bread and milk. You order three months before the supply ship for a large stock of long life milk, or milk powder. I make my bread once a week — usually around six dozen rolls and a half dozen bread loaves. Freezing them is how we last until the next batch! ¬†¬†

Are any of your characters in your books based off real life people? ¬†Masie was a total hodge podge of people. The nastiness… whoo… where did that come from? The language is basically much stronger, but I tried to make it easier for everyone to read. ¬†For example. When meeting someone you say, Whataway. Or “How are you?”

I tried to use the good and the bad of people here, but giving them the uniqueness that is Pitcairn. 

I noticed your last name is the same as Holly’s in “Remembering Love”, she’s an author too. ¬†Is she loosely based off of you? ¬†Oh no! LOL…. However I’d say that the Christian name is pretty prevalent here. Christian, Brown, Warren, Young…. it’s hard to choose! LOL

You also have the same name as Christian’s Cave in “Quintal’s Return”, any real link to your name and the cave? ¬†Christian’s Cave is where Fletcher Christian used to climb and chill out. It was a place to search the horizon for passing ships. After all, the mutineers were hiding from the British Navy, and they needed forewarning to douse camp fires, or hide from any ships that may stop.¬†

What books do you currently have out and do you have any set to be released soon?  I have the second in the Bounty Series out in November. Home Again, Home Again actually got to the semi-finals of the So You Think You Can Write competition in 2012, so to have the full story out is exciting stuff! 

What else would you like us to know about yourself and/or your books? ¬†I’d love for you to know that I’m currently in negotiations for a middle grade book that will soon hopefully be out, and a YA novel. ¬†I’d also love to hear back from any readers of my books. I want to hear from you! You can go to my website and use the contact page — I will reply!!!

Thank you Nadine Christian for the interview! It was a pleasure and an honor! ¬†You can find more information about Nadine Christian and her amazing book ‚ÄúRemembering Love‚ÄĚ and another one I loved, “Quintal’s Return”, below.

If you read these books, please be sure to leave reviews for her!  ♥


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