Hot Halloween Heroes Giveaway Hop

Hot Halloween Heroes Giveaway Hop

Hi and welcome to the Hot Halloween Heroes Giveaway Hop!!  To celebrate Halloween, various blogs are sharing their favorite HOT SEXY HERO from their favorite paranormal book, etc. Although I have MANY favorite paranormal Hot Heroes, I have to give complete credit to Jeaniene Frost and her Night Huntress Series for getting me hooked on the paranormal and my Hot Hero of choice….Bones!

“Halfway To The Grave” was the very first Paranormal book I ever read and it ultimately set me on the path as a loyal reader to all the other amazing Paranormal Romance Authors, such as Lara Adrian, Alexandra Ivy, J.R. Ward, etc.  But When I met Bones….


I fell in love with Bones, the wickedly handsome and charming vampire.  His sexy English accent and the way he fights and also makes love….hot damn!!

What’s that? Did I hear someone say “Trick or Treat?”

Well, I won’t give you tricks, but you might win a Hot, Tasty Treat!!  If you read the excerpt from “Halfway To The Grave”, below, pay special attention. The answers to the giveaway questions are in there and also in a few of my comments above! Good luck!   Hop your way over to the other blogs through the links above.  Make sure you say “Trick or Treat!” You might get a Sexy Treat from one of them as well!!

His lips came up to my ear, and he licked the shell before whispering into it. “I want you so much. Tell me you want me. Say yes.”

To deny that I wanted him would be an obvious lie. Just one thing held me back, and it was the memory of Danny.

“Bones… I didn’t like it before.  I think… something’s wrong with me.”

“Nothing’s wrong with you, and if you change your mind or say stop, no matter when, I’ll stop. You can trust me, Kitten. Say yes. Say yes…”

Bones swooped his mouth onto mine and ravaged the inside with such hunger that I sagged against him. His arm supported me, and I tore away long enough to speak one word.


It barely left my mouth before he kissed me again, lifting me up and carrying me into the bedroom. The mattress gave under our weight as he stretched me out on it. In one motion, he unclipped my bra and pulled it off while his palms cupped my breasts. Then he lowered his mouth to my nipple and sucked strongly.

A clench of pure desire gripped me between my legs. He gently squeezed my other breast and worried the nipple between his fingers. My back arched and I clasped his head. The sensations were too much—the tug of his mouth, slight scrapes of teeth, until I thought I’d faint.

Bones unzipped my jeans, tugging them down until they were off and only my panties remained to clothe me. He traced his hand along them, pressing inward. The friction of the cotton and his fingers made my nerve endings jump. A groan escaped him when he pulled my panties off, baring me to his gaze.

“Oh, Kitten, you’re so beautiful. Exquisite,” he breathed before kissing me with a thoroughness that left my head spinning.  He trailed his mouth to my breasts again, drawing on each nipple while his hand sought my center. Those fingers caressed me knowingly, as if I’d told him secrets, and I bit my lip to stifle the cries. When his thumb circled the ball of my flesh and a long finger rubbed inside me, I trembled in uncontainable need.

A harsh noise of protest escaped me when he stopped. He moved his hand away, his mouth left my breasts, and he dragged his lips down my stomach. It wasn’t until he was past my navel that I realized his intention.

“Bones, wait!” I gasped, shocked.

He paused at once, mouth still on my belly. “Stop?” he inquired.

Color flamed my cheeks and I couldn’t articulate my objection. “Er, not stop all of it, just… um, I don’t think that’s appropriate—”

Something like a snort escaped him. “I do think,” he muttered, and lowered his mouth.



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