Due to an overwhelming amount of Review Requests, I’m going to limit my accepted Genre’s to the following:

  • Paranormal Romance
  • Contemporary/Chic Lit Romance
  • Erotica

Out of those above Genres, I Won’t Read:

  • Children’s Books
  • Classics(They’re classic for a reason, they don’t need my input now ♥)
  • I won’t read anything that is religious or political. Everyone has their own beliefs and these are 2 subjects that are similar to running through a warehouse full of explosives, with a torch in your hand. I’m honest, not stupid. lol
  • That being said, I can still appreciate a story that doesn’t have sex and will “hint” to a spiritual base.
  • Crime/Horror(I’m a chicken shit…there I said it.)
  • Science Fiction/Apocalyptic/Futuristic
  • I don’t mind historical, but I don’t enjoy history lessons. If a little bit of history is thrown into a story, I don’t mind that. But if a story is thrown into a history lesson, you don’t want me reading it. I did horrible in History class while in school.

Once I get caught up on my requests, I might open my acceptance up again to include other genres. Thank you for your time and understanding. ~Robin