“More Than This” by Jay McLean

In one night my fairytale ended. Or it may have begun. This is my story of friendship and love, heartbreak and desire, and the strength to show weakness.
One night I met a girl. A sad and broken girl, but one more beautiful than any other. She laughed through her sadness, while I loved through her heartbreak.

*This is our story of a maybe ever after.*


I won this book in a contest, but that won’t sway my review whatsoever.

The Review:

“More Than This” by Jay McLean, is a story about two young teenagers, who fall in love under unusual circumstances and are the epitome of what it means to “love someone through it”(a tragedy).  The book is written in Mikayla’s view and Jake’s view, which I love. It’s nice to see what is going on in each of their minds, during certain moments.

Chapter One opens with Mikayla getting ready for prom. She’s going through all the typical teenage girl moments.  Do I look okay? I don’t look as good as my best friend(Megan), but I can pass.  That sort of thing. When she opens her bedroom door to leave, her parents are waiting on the other side of it.

I open my bedroom door and virtually run into my parents who are standing just outside. They have that look on their face, like whatever they’re about to say is imperative and has to be taken seriously. My dad’s arm is wrapped around Mom’s shoulders. Emily, my nine-year-old little sister, is nowhere to be seen. They take a step forward, united, causing me to take a step back.
I’m officially worried.
They keep taking steps forward, until I’m forced to sit on the edge of my bed. I look up at my parents. They finally let go of each other, and sit on either side of me.
Dad blows a big breath out and shakes his head. “Honey, your mother and I have something we need to tell you.”
I look at my mom, she looks away. She’s nervous.
Dad continues, “We figure since you’re graduating in two weeks, and you’ve been eighteen for a few months now … well, I guess we both decided it was about time we tell you something very important.”
I’m mentally scanning my brain for what the fuck this could be.
I’m adopted.
I knew it. I was always different, less Asian looking than I should be, and I don’t know where my nose comes from. No one in my family has this nose. Oh, God. Who are my birth parents? And Emily, what about her … is she adopted too?
“Mikayla?” Dad interrupts my raging thoughts.
I close my eyes, hoping that by doing so, it might take away the sting of what he’s about to tell me. “Are you listening to me?”
I nod once, eyes still closed.
“Mikayla.” There’s a long pause. “Boys have a penis…”

HAHAHAHA!!!  I love her parents! Probably because that’s the kind of parent I am and I would totally do that to my daughter!! *sigh* The joys of annoying your kids for shits and giggles. Good times. 🙂

After standing for the standard prom pictures, Mikayla, her boyfriend James and her best friend Megan, head to a restaurant to meet up with their friends for dinner, before prom.  While there, a boy by the name of Logan, spills beer on Mikayla’s dress and his friend Jake’s shirt.  When she goes to the ladies room to clean up, she catches James with another girl. Not just any girl either.

Mikayla is completely and utterly devastated. As she’s sitting on the floor, Jake, with his sexy Australian accent, sits down next to her. He’d witnessed the entire scene and immediately felt for this broken hearted girl.  When Jake invites Mikayla to HIS prom, she accepts.  She’s not going to let James and his slut, ruin her prom.

While Mikayla is cleaning up, she checks her phone and realizes James and her parents had been trying to call.

I check my phone. It’s been blowing up with calls and messages from James. … Two from my parents, and a text from them asking if I’m okay, and that James has called there a few times. I text them back to tell them everything’s fine, and I’ll see them at home later tonight and explain everything then.

I tell them I love them, because I really do, and nothing has made me realize it more than the shit that’s just happened here.
A few seconds later I get a text from Mom:

We love you too, sweetheart. Have a good night. Emily is begging for ice cream. We’ll bring you back a big batch of cookies’n’cream. It will be waiting for you in the freezer, wake me if I’m asleep to share it.

I’m, actually, really looking forward to it.

As the night goes on, Mikayla has a blast with Jake’s friends. They welcome her into the group as if she’s always been there. Logan even apologizes for the beer incident and seems to really like her.

At the end of the night, tragedy strikes in the worst possible way.  Jake just met Mikayla, yet they’re thrown together under the worst of circumstances.  Do they have what it takes to make it through this? Can they turn their friendship into a relationship? And if it does, will it even last?

This story draws you in from start to finish. You go through all the emotions with Mikayla and Jake. I even fell in love with Logan towards the end. Which was quite the surprise.  It also made me hope for a follow up book, which Jay McLean IS coming out with!!  I can’t wait to read “More Than Her”! Rumor has it, Logan will be the star of that book.

I really loved this book. It was sweet and it’s perfect for ages pre-teen to adult. This is a definite MUST BUY book and will be going into my favorites. ~Robin

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