“The Gate” by K.T. Grant


A chance encounter between a successful author and a billionaire owner of an underground BDSM club, leads to the most pivotal relationship of their lives…

Erika Walsh has carried a torch for Christopher Milton, heir to her father’s publishing empire for years. After one steamy make out session she begins to wonder if it might develop into something more. But when M. L. Crawford, better known as Max, her father’s publishing rival, seeks her out at a society event, she’s drawn to his magnetic charisma and powerful demeanor. Their verbal bantering and innuendo laced overtones stir feelings she never knew existed, and soon Erika is consumed with knowing the real man under Max’s restrained public facade. 

Erika’s sweet nature and naivety excites Max to near madness. He wants to train her in the art of seduction and make her succumb to his every wish and command…as his perfect submissive. Yet, Christopher is determined to keep Erika from becoming the latest victim of Max’s sinister sexual hungers. He knows all too well what Max hides in his black soul and will stop at nothing to reveal all of Max’s secrets in order to protect the one thing he holds dear above all else- Erika. 

Max’s dark desires scare yet arouse Erika, as he opens her eyes to a new bold world full of passion and ecstasy she never imagined until him. But the biggest question remains: Is Erika’s craving for Max just an illusion that transpires behind the walls of The Gate?

I was given an ARC of this book by the author, K.T. Grant, for an honest review and so I shall deliver.

The Review:

The book starts out with Erika at an awards ceremony with her father.  When she accompanies her father up on stage for him to accept his Lifetime Achievement Award, Max sees her and is immediately drawn to her.  When she walks up to the bar to get a drink, he introduces himself. Little does she know he’s the nemesis of her father and Chris, the man Erika has had a crush on for a long time and her father’s right hand man.  When Chris sees Erika and Max together he is immediately jealous and possessive.  He hasn’t really acted like he cared about Erika, more than as a friend up until that point. Even after she had “comforted” him after his recent break up.

A flash of heat crackled through her body, landing low in her stomach. She’d never been so turned on by a stranger, albeit a magnetic, suave gentleman like the one next to her. She withdrew her hand, but he latched onto it. Her tummy somersaulted, her breathing quickened. She melted under his penetrating stare.
“You’re exactly what I need.”
Her cell rang. She jerked in her seat, knocking into his legs. Pulling her hand away, she answered her phone.
“Where you are?” Chris sounded agitated.
“I’m in the bar down the hall. I’ll come find you.”
Ending the call, she stood. “I need to go.” Max also stood. His height dwarfed her, causing her to tilt her head back. Wow, he’s tall. “It’s been a pleasure chatting with you. I would love to—”
Chris stood at the entrance. When he spotted her, he grinned.
“I better go. Perhaps I’ll see you in the ballroom?”
Max nodded.
She walked to the doorway. “What’s the matter?” she whispered to Chris, peeking back at the handsome man she’d left at the bar.
He dragged her out of the room and down the hall, the smile on his face disappearing. When they reached the main ballroom, he guided her over to the French windows near the balcony where it wasn’t as congested.
She wrenched her arm away. “Why did you drag me away? What could Max be thinking?”
“Max?” he growled. “You know who he is?”
She’d never heard him so snappish. He thrust his bangs away from his forehead. His mouth twisted into a grimace.
“He’s some freelancer I had a drink with. By the way, you need a haircut and some color to your face. You’re too pasty. How hard is my father working you?” she joked to lighten the mood.
He rolled his eyes. “Honey, the man you shared a drink with isn’t a freelancer. That’s M.L. Crawford. His first name is Maxwell. He’s the owner of Crawford Media and one of your dad’s biggest competitors in publishing.”

Little did Chris know, but Max had already gotten under Erika’s skin….and boy oh boy is Max all about skin!  And paddles, and bondage and…well…I guess you’ll find out now won’t you!?

Oh alright…I’ll give you a quick peek. 😀

She bent forward, her ass elevated in the air. Wiggling, she winked at him over her shoulder.
He selected a leather paddle hanging from the wall. “Do I need to cuff you?”
“No, I have a good grip. Unless you want to cuff me?” she asked, her voice higher than usual.
He removed a black silk scarf from his pocket, holding it out to her. “Cover your eyes and grab on tightly. I’m feeling very generous tonight.”
“Yes, Mr. Leon,” she said, uttering the name he used exclusively at The Gate.
While she tied the scarf around her head, he flipped up her skirt and rubbed both bare ass cheeks—the black panties were a thong.
“When you scream, call me sir.” He kissed each globe. Standing back, he hoisted the paddle in the air.
She spread her legs apart. “I’m not going to scream or call you sir,” she said with a saucy tone.
“You won’t make it to ten.” He swung the paddle as hard as he could at her ass.
She didn’t scream, squeaking and whimpering instead. When the tenth smack came, she cursed him. He kept up the pace, never stopping, imagining Erika in Catherine’s place. Right at number twenty when she cried out the word “sir”, he came in his pants, while Erika’s name echoed in his head.

Catherine, the girl in the quote above, was extremely likeable.  I hope she gets her own book.  Her and Max have a special connection though. Is it one that will come between Erika and Max? What about Chris? Can Erika really give up the dream of being with the guy she’s been in love with all this time?  Will Max’s fetishes cross a line that Erika can’t handle?

I enjoyed this book a lot.  Max was a sexy bad boy, Erika, sweet and innocent, yet a naughty girl underneath it all.  I love stories where the bad boy brings out the naughty girl and the good girl brings out the good qualities of the man.

Catherine has her own demons to deal with and I found myself rooting for her even more than Erika. Chris I found to be an ass, but others might find him sexy as hell and his jealousy sweet and charming.  K.T. Grant’s writing made it so readers can honestly go either way with their feelings about each of the characters and that’s difficult to do!

If you like BDSM and Erotica, check this book out!


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