“Delusional” by Scott Spotson

DelusionalDon’t believe everything you see!

When rising marketing executive Patricia Fowler falls for Paul Blast, a married co-worker, she tries to put her life into perspective—a task that becomes increasingly difficult when she starts having eerie hallucinations. Patricia’s dreams of a happily ever after turn into one nightmare after another as she battles threats that go beyond her imagination.

Is her new love behind the torment? After all, his former girlfriend ended up in an asylum.

Or could Paul’s wife be more than a bored, spoiled, rich girl?

Meanwhile, the FBI is trying to track down a thief who magically appears and disappears, taking priceless gems and artwork with her.

“Delusional” is a fast-paced thriller that blurs the lines of reality and fantasy, leading to an explosive climax where what you see isn’t necessarily what you’re going to get!

I received this book from the Author, Scott Spotson, in exchange for an honest review. 

The Review:

This story starts out a little sluggish. It wasn’t until I was about 1/3 of the way in the story that I became interested. It took a little longer than it should have to get the story off the ground, though Spotson writes so that it didn’t detract overly much from the overall quality of the novel.

The major plot was engaging and always kept you guessing. There were times when the story jumped too frequently between characters (both minor and major) and it became annoying at some points. Some of the scenes were necessary to progress the story, but others just seemed like filler.

Characters in this story were very well developed. While they occasionally got on my nerves, I felt like this only improved them. At first I didn’t particularly like Patricia and only came to like her when she started having disillusions. I anticipated that I might not care for Paul and Patricia since they were having an affair, however Spotson did an incredible job making it seem more understandable.

The writing style was easy to follow, but at times it was overly detailed. The introduction in particular was a bit too much, though it seemed to improve as the story went on. There were several scenes that were too strange that sometimes made the story feel too surreal. While this story was mostly driven by suspense, it held a taste of paranormal and a small amount of romance – far less than I expected.

Overall, this story is fairly decent and I may have enjoyed it more had the subject matter been more to my liking. I didn’t loathe this story, but I didn’t love it either. Based solely on writing and characterization, I would say this is one of the better quality stories I’ve read in a while. The plot was decent, but nothing overly original or surprising to really make it stand out.

I’d recommend this story to people who are fans of the suspense genre, but not to those who are fans of romance. There was a hint of romance, however it took a back seat to the plot and seemed like a tool to drive the plot and draw in more readers. There was no erotic scenes between the characters, though I honestly never saw a place in the story where it would have fit and didn’t feel like it took anything away from the story to not have anything physical happen between Patricia and Paul.

~Jessica Weissenburger(Independent Reviewer for Book Reads and Reviews)

Grade Scale:

(Based upon the Book Reads and Reviews Rubric)

  • Plot – 8: Good plot, stayed on point for the most part.
  • Characterization – 9: Strong characters. Minus one point for the villain not being as well developed as the rest.
  • Style – 8: Good writing, I didn’t see any grammatical or spelling errors, though it was a little too detailed at times.
  • Threshold Quality – 6: I wasn’t overly impressed, but this was namely based on personal preferences.
  • Addictiveness – 4: It was fun to read, but I could have just as easily been doing something else.

Total – 35

Rating – 4 Stars