“Dreama’s Destiny” by Jennifer Hines and Mindy Bigham

 photo dreamas-destiny_zps00cb0763.jpgDreama had ran from her past since she was fifteen, but it wasn’t until after her twenty-third birthday she realized that her escape had been an allowed illusion. When things from her past circle around into her present she is forced with the realization that there was never anywhere she could have gone that would have kept her hidden from the man who had purchased her from her family eight years earlier.

Everyone has their calling. For Dreama it was being a Scale, a witch who kept the balance between light and dark, good and evil. So discovering that Zane, the man who had swept her off her feet after a dared kiss that lit a fire deep within her, being a vampire, was not entirely a shock to her system, but the sudden return of her ex, Jake, was. 

Zane was a wealthy businessman and a vampire hybrid. He was content taking blood from unsuspecting strangers and the occasional one night stands. Until one night during a business meeting at a local club he was surprised by the lips of an enchanting woman who captivated his senses with her sweet vanilla taste. After that one kiss he knew he had to have her, to possess her.

I received this book from the Author, Jennifer Hines, in exchange for an honest review.

The Review:

Overall, this story was just alright for me. It was neither horrible nor amazing, despite the fact that it had some potential. The plot itself was mildly interesting, albeit it was far too predictable for my preferences. The authors clearly meant for this story to be a set up for a major story arc for a series, though it wound up being more of a cliché that anything else. A majority of the plot rested on the authors’ creation of a “scale,” a witch who is supposed to act as balance of good and evil in the world. Reviewing this definition, I’m slightly less impressed by the simple terminology used to label her as something other than a neutral witch.

The overall concept is interesting, but the novelty is somewhat lost when no substantial or proper explanation or background is ever truly given aside from a quick summary. A little over 1/4 of the way in the story the authors finally got around to introducing the supernatural aspect of the story. Which, to me, is completely unacceptable given that this is a paranormal novel. Everything was introduced in a single chunk of the story that gave too much information at once and then not enough for the overall story to thrive on. They got it out of the way rather than introduce it in a proper manner, gradually throughout the story.

The characters were two-dimensional for the most part with overused character backgrounds; the hero and heroine were pretty much Marty Stu and Mary Sue. Zane was too good to be true: a suave, rich business man whose only real downfall is that he’s arrogant. Dreama was a shy, timid wallflower who would only blossom under his attention and is extremely powerful. Yet they contradicted themselves too often and never really stayed inside the authors initial characterization.

I never really got invested in the characters.  I suppose it was that their traits and personality weren’t my style, but I found myself not caring overly much whether or not they got together.  It only went downhill when the villain was introduced and he somehow was able to make Dreama all hot and bothered for him and it was a point of contention between Zane and Dreama.  This is written off as a power play by the villain, but I still found it disturbing.  Also, it was probably my least favorite scene in the entire story – it just never felt real and the villain’s devious nature wasn’t properly foreshadowed.

There were a few times when the authors attempted to make the story more serious with darker undertones in minor characters.  Perhaps if the story itself was written in a more serious/dark style then it might have worked.  I suppose it’s a double edged sword.  The tone was pretty light for the most part and it flowed well, but it makes the story hard to take seriously and ultimately feels somewhat lifeless as a result.  The characters never felt real to me and failed to truly reach their full potential.

Conveniently, these characters are physically incapable of cheating on one another due to their bond that somehow makes it so their crotch can use the force to stop other lady or man parts from entering their magical kingdom. I phrase it that way because, with one exception, I never saw the word vagina, cunt, pussy or any other vernacular for the female sexual organs in this story. This is a pet peeve of mine, especially considering that the authors had no problem saying cock. The word cock appears 35 times and the only other word for a man’s cash and prizes is “hardness” and that’s only used three times. Not entirely sure why it’s alright to say cock and yet simply say her “wetness” when referring to the vagina. While this is all mildly annoying, comprehensively the erotic scenes were merely eye rolling rather than hot in large part due to the terminology applied.

All jokes about Dreama’s Jedi vagina aside, it was not a poorly written story by any means – it was actually pretty impressive considering the authors only have three published stories together. There is a handful of grammatical errors, though not enough to really detract from the story. The tone of the story was pretty decent, but the inexperience of the writers makes it feel more like a fan-fiction than a distinct piece of work. They stayed consistent for the abilities of the characters, which is a plus in their favor. The only real downside of their writing style was that the dialogue needed some polishing.

It’s not an addicting story in any way, though it did keep my attention long enough to finish, so I suppose there’s that. It starts out fairly slow and then snowballs toward the end. The villain is introduced really late in the story and is vanquished too quickly. Overall, it was nothing overly special. I’d classify it as a forgettable read that might hold your attention for a short period of time. It’s a shame that this story comes on the heels of such fantastic works in this genre. Mostly because it might have been stood out more if not for the flood of books of the paranormal nature.

I hate to say it, but this story offers nothing original, special or memorable when compared other paranormal novels.  It’s generic in comparison and fails to impress thanks in large part to weak dialogue, lifeless characters, and inconsistencies in the writing style.  It is not a difficult or overly detailed read, which helps for those who are merely looking for something to pass the time.  As a literary work, it’ll be overshadowed by novels written by powerhouse and veteran writers.

~Jessica Weissenburger(Independent Reviewer for Book Reads and Reviews)

  Grade Scale:

(Based upon the Book Reads and Reviews Rubric)

  • Plot – 4: Not great, but not weak.
  • Characterization – 4: Weak dialogue for sure, but it wasn’t the worst I’ve seen.
  • Style – 5: Pretty decent writing. Minus one point for the poorly executed erotic scenes.
  • Threshold Quality – 3: In comparison to other works in the genre, it’s lacking. Minus one point for poor execution/organization.
  • Addictiveness – 3: Not overly addicting, but I didn’t have to force myself to get through it. Minus one point for losing some of it’s appeal midway through.

Total – 19 Points

Rating – 2 Stars