“Thicker Than Water” by A.F. Henley(Short Story)

 photo thicker-than-water-cover_zpsb010c968.jpgLadomer’s first experience with vampires instilled a deep hatred—an emotion he gladly uses to bring destruction to the beasts that can’t be purged from his memory. Hunting alongside the compelling man who saved his village, Ladomer and Zor are ruthless in their quest to stop the growing threat. When a new call pulls them deep into Eastern Europe, Ladomer learns anew just how cruel vampires can be—and how much deeper love can go. 


I received this book from the Author, A.F. Henley, in exchange for an honest review.

The Review

This is not one of my normal reads yet I found it to be captivating both in the story and the world.

A dark story set in the future where civilization as we know it is gone. Where Vampires are the things that should not be named.

Times had changed , though. Somehow, somewhere, in ways that Ladomer’s still developing mind didn’t understand, they who are not named began to stop hiding. It was no longer safe to live in groups of thousands, where no one knew another’s name or responded to a call for help. That was the beginning of the end, or so GoodMother May told the classroom during their first-of lessons. When the people became afraid to leave their homes, when those that did leave left forever, that was when the automatic everything began to die. No more power came from the holes in the walls and no more smoke-making water ran for the metal carriages. Family unit by family unit, one after the next, the cities were abandoned for green places where food could be harvested from the ground and neighbors could be trusted. The concrete began to crumble. The earth began to reclaim itself. And amongst those empty cities, they who are not named placed their flags while the normal retreated.

A story of Zor a hunter by birthright, and Ladomer a hunter by choice from loss and the need for vengeance.

This is about their bond, their love and the bond that true love can bring, how love can cross over and become more.

I can’t go into too much detail without ruining the story, since it IS so short(67 pages), however I did enjoy reading it, I give it a 4 star.

~Tamera McIntosh(Independent Reviewer for Book Reads and Reviews)

5 thoughts on ““Thicker Than Water” by A.F. Henley(Short Story)

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    • Yes she did! She talked about it so much she enticed me to stop reading my book and read it real quick. I enjoyed it as well. I’m a perv, so I wish there was more oooh la la, but I think by just hinting at it made Tamera enjoy it as much as she did. That was my impression at least. lol

      • Aww, I’m so sorry. I have a hard time writing sex scenes into the shorter work. The novels, absolutely! As a matter of fact, Second Star to the Right has an almost uncomfortable amount of sex in the first half of it. XD

        I’m still glad you both enjoyed it. If I end up writing the sequel I’m considering, I promise it will be full-length and the boys will all get their fare share of playtime.