Thoughts of a Reviewer: I’m not Superwoman

Yes, I know…I’m disappointed too. lol  In all seriousness, it has taken me awhile to get it through my stubborn pride that I can’t continue taking on Review Requests, Tours, etc and not have help.

I actually stopped taking requests and I still have books I can’t get to!!  People who have been waiting for months. But to keep things active, I can’t just do reviews…I can’t just do tours and sweet deals either. I have to have a variety.

I love doing this, so much! But the feeling of constantly treading water and disappointing those who were waiting on their book’s review was getting to me.  Therefore, I’ve brought in some Guest/Independent Reviewers.  They’re reviewers who I trust and who will follow the same review guidelines that you’ve become accustomed to and expect from Book Reads and Reviews.

Please welcome:

Jessica W., Tamera M. and “Crimson”(Name withheld for privacy reasons).

These amazing ladies have been kind enough to help me get caught up on reviews so I can start taking requests again! Thank you so much ladies!!! ♥