“Mercy” by Pam Dingee

 photo mercy_zps5e2fd55a.jpgEden has had a tough year and is trying to bounce back from the tragedy of her father passing recently, and she’s also hoping to learn to love and trust again all while going through a sticky divorce with the Dick. 

Dom is Eden’s BFF’s brother, he’s also a bit of a player and a sexy distraction for Eden. He wants to earn Eden’s trust, but she’s been burned before and is skeptical.

Can Dom help by being a good friend to Eden and steer her in the right direction? 

I received this Book from the author, Pam Dingee, in exchange for an honest review.

The Review

Mercy was a quick read for me, it was light and enjoyable with a sarcasm and wit that I totally loved. Especially the rants between Eden and her best friend Aly. The one liners had me laughing, I could so relate to them.

Eden (Edie) has just found out that her husband is cheating on her and her “happy marriage” was nothing to him. Now going through a divorce and having to stay at her best friend’s house. Eden is getting back into the dating ring again it’s what any woman has gone through, with all the ups and downs of it.

Dom Aly’s brother, who was the one to introduce Eden to her soon to be ex, has always held a flame for Eden. Yet he has turned into a playboy with different woman each week. One night Don kisses Eden and she feels sparks that she never felt even with her husband.

She really can not take his flirting seriously for many reasons.  1. Because of his player ways and 2. She doesn’t want to get hurt again.

Eden is extremely attracted to him yet feels he is off limits since he’s her Best friend’s brother.

It was nice to have Dom’s point of view as it gave him more of a softer side and more depth to him. It was fun to see what he thought and how they did this kind of dance thing not to mess up their friendship. Yet both wishing for more.

~Tamera McIntosh(Independent Reviewer for Book Reads and Reviews)


Grade Scale:

(Based upon the Book Reads and Reviews Rubric)

  • Plot – 8: I would have liked some more background on the ex. The sexual innuendo’s were a tease and they could have been a bit more.
  • Characterization – 8
  • Style – 8: There were some mistakes like missed comma’s and extra letters(example: tthe)
  • Threshold Quality – 8: I believe this is her first novel so I am looking forward to seeing more from her.
  • Addictiveness – 8: Not an easy book to put down yet not one that kept me at the edge of my seat.

Total – 40

Rating – 4 Stars!