“Revelations” by Léia Kiuski

 photo Relevations_zpsfccc55de.jpgElizabeth Monterey is a 17-years-old girl who always had everything: lots of money, friends, the perfect boyfriend, and a promising future on the archery world. But an inexplicable accident changed her life forever, and now she needs to face the harsh reality of the death of her parents, a brother in a coma and the loss of her fortune.
As if she hadn’t problems enough, demonic-looking creatures want the freedom to come and go to the human world, and Elizabeth is the chosen to prevent this from happening, but she can’t do it alone. It will be necessary to find out who are her allies… and her enemies.
So, the hunt begins

I received a copy of this book from the author, Léia Kiuski, in exchange for an honest review.

The Review

I first must tell you this book is being translated into English, so you will find many errors. Especially regarding the use of “have” instead of “has” just to name one example.  Although I kept in mind that this is a first translation into English, theses errors can be quite frustrating. But if you can get passed that, I think you will enjoy the book. It will be a really great series for young adults. (It has a disclaimer for 14 years and up)

The story starts out with Beth, a 17 yr old girl, dealing with some really horrific things. First her parents and twin brother Alex are in a plane accident, where her parents are killed. Her twin brother is found miles away from the crash with only bumps and bruises, yet he’s in a coma.  No one knows why or when he will come out of it. On top of all this, Beth is not sleeping well. She is waking up night after night, with what the doctors are calling night terrors.

She meets Leon and it soon comes to light these are not night terrors at all, it’s a demon! With the help of Leon she is able to kill the demon that has haunted her dreams and not allowed her to sleep.

Without giving any spoilers, Beth soon finds out that she, Leon and her friends are warriors for the Goddess Thera. Each of them have a special ability. They range from healing to throwing energy and they are meant to protect this world from the demons who are trying to come through a portal.

For a young adult book I found it interesting and it gave the reader something to hold on to. It’s a good story line and plot. It shows friendships, family and love. You find yourself cheering them on or shaking your head NO!

I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series to see what happens next!

~Tamera McIntosh(Guest Reviewer for Book Reads and Reviews)


Grade Scale:

(Based upon the Book Reads and Reviews Rubric)

  • Plot – 8
  • Characterization – 8
  • Style – 6: Because of errors.
  • Threshold Quality – 6
  • Addictiveness – 6

Total – 34

Rating – 4 Stars!