Thoughts of a Reviewer: I am so sorry and I miss you!

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As many of you know, I have been recovering from an Appendectomy. I had the emergency surgery on January 23rd and with one of the cuts being in my belly button, this has been quite painful and a long healing process. Stitches may be out, but I’m still healing and the incision areas still hurt, so I’ve had a tough time sitting in anything but my recliner.  Add in the fact I’ve been pushing myself and my doctor got mad at me, I need to behave. lol

I  have a laptop, but it is a slow little bugger, so I get frustrated and tend to set it aside.  I’m trying very hard to get caught up on things, despite not being able to be on my desktop.

If you are an Author who has sent me a book for review and I haven’t posted a review yet, I am SOOO SORRY!!  Especially those who trusted me to get a review out on a certain date.

If you are an Author and you have sent me a review request. I haven’t had a chance to go through them, but I promise you, I WILL!!  I’m SO SORRY! Especially if you’re needing it by a certain date.

If you’re a subscriber/visitor to Book Reads and Reviews and you’ve been looking for my SWEET DEAL posts, reviews, etc. I’m SO SORRY! I’m posting when I can and hopefully I’ll start to get more posts out.

I genuinely am sorry.  It can’t be helped, but it still is frustrating for me to be letting you all down.  Just know I’m doing my best and as I heal, things will get back to normal.

On a personal note…I’ve always loved to lounge around the house in fuzzy pajama pants.  Since my surgery it is the ONLY thing I can wear. I can’t even wear sweat pants yet.  Going out in public in jammies is not something I personally enjoy doing.(No offense or judgement intended for those who do. It’s just my personal choice.)  That being said I have NEVER missed jeans so much in my life. I always took them for granted. Never again. lol

I hope everyone is doing well and I miss the interaction.  Thank you to those who have stuck it out with me and welcome to everyone who has recently found Book Reads and Reviews.  I’ll be back as soon as I can.



5 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Reviewer: I am so sorry and I miss you!

  1. Awww We miss you too Robin! I’m just glad you’re doing great and don’t push yourself. PJs are awesome and if only I can wear them everyday! LOL but yes I wouldn’t want to wear them outside too. But do have a safe and fast recovery~