“A Divine Life”(The Divine Trilogy: Book 2) by R.E. Hargrave

 photo 18618600_zps7c60497f.jpgOver the past year of being Jayden Masterson’s collared submissive, Catherine O’Chancey has worked through the mental terrors left behind by her old Dom—she thinks. To celebrate their collaring anniversary, Jayden organizes a special day, during which her final limits and fantasies will be realized. Will it prove to be more than she can handle? Can she endure the erotic onslaught her mind and body will experience and survive unscathed?

While Catherine faces dark shadows and pleasurable highs, Jayden finds his own inner strength being tested. He has come to realize that, somewhere along the way, Catherine has taken possession of his heart, mind, and body. Now he faces his biggest challenge ever; he must let go of all his submissives but one: his jewel, Catherine. Can he leave his philandering ways behind? Has he made the ultimate mistake by putting his jewel into the hands of others?

I was given a copy of this book from the author, R.E. Hargrave, in exchange for an honest review.  *NOTE*  Before you read this book I highly recommend you read “To Serve Is Divine” Book 1 in The Divine Trilogy, since it ended in somewhat of a cliffhanger. Read my 5 Star Review of it HERE.

The Review

Jayden and Catherine are back and they are about to embark on a true test of their relationship.  Jayden has lined up several BDSM scenes for Catherine to experience.  His hopes are for her to experience them, enjoy them and then come back to him.  He knows he’s risking a lot, but he needs to do this for her.

All the scenes are set to push her limits, but to also bring her unbelievable pleasure.  It’s also a chance for her to try out other Doms to see if one of them would please her more than Jayden.  Quite simply, Jayden loves her enough to let her go if that means her finding someone who can truly give her what she needs.

With each new adventure she falls more into the euphoria of what being a slave really means. When she begins to believe she’s being given to another dom, will she beg Jayden to keep her or will she find what she needs under the control of another?

My final thoughts:  RE Hargrave is one of my favorite BDSM authors.  She brings reality to the BDSM way of life, meanwhile giving it the romance that her readers crave.  She gives us yummy sex, but with a sweet love story.  She brings us the special relationship between a slave and a master without it being abusive.  Hargrave understands what the dom/submissive relationship really is and who is ultimately the one who holds all the control.  I love the fact she doesn’t follow on the heels of more popular authors who have no concept of the true BDSM world.

I fell in love with Jayden and Catherine in “To Serve Is Divine” and that love has continued to grow.  I’ve also found other characters that have managed their way into my heart and I hope they end up with a story of their own.

Does the book have some parts that I’m not comfortable with? Of course. I’m not into that lifestyle, therefore I won’t be able to comprehend everything and as we also know, each relationship has it’s quirks and issues.  But it’s those things that make me love this series that much more.

I find myself at times wondering how exactly RE Hargrave has the know how to write such a believable and realistic portrayal. Is it because she is into the BDSM lifestyle? or is she simply like me…having an untapped fantasy that she’s also done extensive research on? Ultimately, I really don’t care.  I’m just glad she uses the research or personal know how to write such wonderful, sexual scenes with accurate information.  It makes me more apt to believe it, see it and desire it, which is what all Erotic authors strive for.

I can NOT wait until the next book in the series comes out.  I have no doubt it will be as delicious as the first book, have the love that’s in the second book and as many erotic scenes as them both!! Give me more, please master!!

~Robin Malone


Grade Scale:

(Based upon the Book Reads and Reviews Rubric)

  • Plot – 10
  • Characterization – 10
  • Style – 10
  • Threshold Quality – 10
  • Addictiveness – 10

Total – 50

Rating –5 Stars


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