“Dial M For Ménage” by Emily Ryan-Davis

 photo CARINA_0314_9781426898273_DialMforMenage-e1391652649984_zps55349560.jpgKatrina Holland began the new year by waking up with two men in her bed. Introducing marine Hunter Croft into her marriage was passionate and explosive—for Katrina and her husband Liam. But now that the honeymoon period is over and they’ve returned to the real world, can this arrangement ever work?

Liam Holland thought he had it all—a beautiful wife, great home, and a solid career. Only one thing—one man—eluded him. When he saw an opportunity to grab Hunter, Liam reached out with both hands, determined not to let go. But as the first rush of passion fades, Liam must identify exactly how far he’s willing to go to keep Hunter a part of their lives.

Hunter needs something only Liam and Kat can give him. But while he’s willing to change some aspects of his life to be with the couple, he’s a marine before all else. When a reassignment means relocation, he’ll need to move on—with or without his two lovers.

I received a copy of this book from the author, Emily Ryan-Davis, as part of a promotional tour, in exchange for an honest review.

The Review

Kat and Liam are married and they have invited Hunter, a long time friend, into their hearts, bed and life. Hunter is a Marine, so he wants to keep their relationship a secret. This bothers Kat and Liam but they will accept his terms if it means keeping him. They are even willing to move and follow Hunter when he gets his new orders.

I really enjoyed this story. It was different than other Menage stories since both men are bisexual. So it’s the best of both worlds. I loved the fact that it didn’t focus on one couple. It was equal opportunity sex. It was Liam and Kat, Kat and Hunter. Hunter and Liam. Liam, Hunter and Kat. It was just right.

I have to admit, Hunter really tripped my trigger. I love a man in uniform but it was more than that. He oozed sex appeal and confidence, even when he was insecure. Liam was somewhat whiny and dishonest. So I have to admit, I really didn’t like seeing Hunter not “in control.” I found myself wishing Hunter and Kat would get together. They seemed to feel so comfortable around each other.

I also wish the author would’ve recapped the back story on the comment about Liam not giving Kat the right to choose between him and Hunter. I’m assuming it was in book 1, “Menage On 34th Street”, though I haven’t had the opportunity to read it yet. I did, however, get the feeling Liam knew if he had given her a choice, she would’ve chosen Hunter. I know I would!!!

Great story all around! I really hope there is more to come of this trio!!

~Robin Malone


Grade Scale:

(Based upon the Book Reads and Reviews Rubric)

  • Plot – 10
  • Characterization – 10
  • Style – 10
  • Threshold Quality – 10
  • Addictiveness – 10

Total – 50

Rating –5 Perfect Stars!