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Celebrate Romance

About the Book

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For years, Amy Underwood has been wracked by guilt over her sister’s fatal overdose. With one last shot at redemption, she is determined to open a drug treatment center—even if it means her shameful secret will be exposed. But when she sneaks into the biggest political event of the year in search of funding, she quickly discovers that in the world of fast-paced politics there is always a price—and this one could cost her everything.

Running for a second term, the young governor of New York, Roman Reese, finds that his privileged past and dark childhood could not only threaten the blue-collar vote—but his reputation and livelihood as a politician. So when he meets a sexy woman with big ambitions, he quickly strikes a deal: He’ll see that Amy’s clinic obtains funding, and she’ll play the down-to-earth girlfriend to help his electability. They’ll keep the relationship strictly business, scripted to the last detail, and end it when the polls close.

But secrecy and desire have a way of binding hearts. As Election Day draws closer, so do Amy and Roman—until the discovery of one final deceit threatens to tear them apart for good.

I chose the book “Breathe You In”, because it was such a surprise and so wonderful.  I gave it a 5 Star Review(Read Here). It showed how sometimes the masks we wear aren’t as great as the person who hides behind them. In the book, Amy falls in love with the man she sees under the mask.  Roman is afraid of that and prefers to believe she’s just like everyone else, only pretending to feel something for him.  We learn that both harbor secrets from their past and both feel they’re not worthy of true love.  We go through all their fears, suffering, healing and loving, with them.  You’ll smile, aww and cry out of both sadness and happiness for them.  It’s a wonderful journey and an amazing book!! ♥ ~Robin


Romantic Place I’d Love To Travel

Well, my dream romantic vacation would HAVE to be Ireland.  I think it looks just stunning!!

However for my 40th Birthday(March 24th) my husband surprised me with a little 2 day getaway that we’ll be going on in the next couple weeks.  We’ve never done anything like this, not even for our honeymoon, so this will be so exciting!! This is also the most romantic thing my husband has ever done!  We’re going to Branson, Missouri which doesn’t seem like much to some, but the hotel room and the view from it alone makes the trip worth it!! ♥

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