Thoughts of a Reviewer: Making Some Changes

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After careful consideration, I have decided to cut back on my cover reveal/promotional/tour posts and focus more on the reviews.

Reading and Reviewing is why I started Book Reads and Reviews to begin with, and although it has helped me meet and discover MANY new people/authors/books, it has also taken a huge chunk of my time.  I’ve fallen behind on reviews and have had to close Review Requests.

Although all the Tour Hosts I have worked with have been freaking AMAZING and most have provided HTML codes for posts, the sad fact of it is, I always spend about an hour at least, for each one, tweaking it so things aren’t smooshed together, font isn’t huge or itty bitty, etc.  I’m not sure what it is with this site(I use wordpress) but it does NOT like the standard HTML code that everyone provides. <div> is not my friend and I have honestly come to hate seeing it! &nbsp; is the only thing that will work for my site.

Many times I’ll think I have it and make the mistake of switching from visual to text or text to visual and it resets the spacing, so I start again. Tweak, preview, tweak, preview, etc. etc.  Yes, I could just simply copy/paste and let things fall as they will, but I owe it to my readers as well as the author and tour hosts, to make these posts look their best and represent the best I know how.

That being said, I absolutely plan on fulfilling my current sign ups throughout the month of May and the couple I’ve signed up for in June.  I also will always have my doors open to any of the authors I’ve worked with in the past, my favorite authors or if one of my regular Tour Hosts feels I might really be interested in a tour or is scrambling for last minute sign ups.  It never hurts to ask and I’m always glad to help when I can.  Plus it DOES help keep my site a little more active.  I don’t think I could ever go completely cold turkey. lol

I just really want to get back to doing what I truly love, which is reading and reviewing, because in the end, THAT is what the followers are following for.

Thank you for the opportunities and honor of working with you all.  I don’t regret it.  It’s also not anyone’s fault my site doesn’t like the standard HTML. lol


PS If any authors or bloggers are looking for some great Tour Hosts to work with, One More Chapter, I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews and Island Lovelies Book Club are the 3 that have been the absolute BEST to work with. No disrespect meant to others I’ve worked with, but these lovely blogs/hosts have went above and beyond for me, not only as a fellow blogger but as a person on their tour.  I have witnessed their willingness to not only promote the author, but also the blogs as well.  I don’t just mean promoting the blog on the day they post, but promoting them on almost a daily basis throughout the entire tour! They’re understanding when something comes up and you’re not able to post, are helpful and just all around great people! Love them! *MWAH* ♥

2 thoughts on “Thoughts of a Reviewer: Making Some Changes

  1. Good plan Robin. It’s always great to help promote books through tours and cover reveals but it really does take a lot of our time from reading and reviewing the books we want to do.

    I’m also thinking about doing the same thing and cut back on many things. My blog is not like how it used to be and I haven’t been doing reviews as often as I would like so I’ll like to get back to that.

    But Good luck and keep on reading!!

    • That’s exactly my issue Ki. I’m doing more website work then reading/reviewing. I love the tours since they do help bring new books/authors to me, but unfortunately all the website work is starting to take the fun out of it all. I don’t think it would be so bad if it was a simple cut, paste, done…but nothing is ever simple it seems. lmao