“Uncensored Passion” by Bobbi Cole Meyer

 photo uncensored20passion20cover_zps5b211fa6.jpgKayla Quinlan Saradon was a beautiful, respected psychiatrist who her friends accused of having discovered the fountain of youth. Kayla wondered what her friends would say if they knew her secret was a polyandry lifestyle she shared with four, studly “husbands”—each skilled in his own sexual specialty?

Then Trey Sean Cameron, who was secretly investigating Kayla’s lifestyle, exploded into her life—and Kayla couldn’t contain the emotions he raised in her. But could the rugged, ex-Army Special Forces operative—a possessive and demanding lover—share in her lifestyle? And how far would she go to keep him?

I received this book as part of a promotional tour from the Author, Bobbi Cole Meyer, in exchange for an honest review.

The Review

This book started off a little slow, but definitely started to pick up pace as the story continued to unfold.

After seeing her mother miserable in a monogamous marriage, Kayla decided she wanted more. That she NEEDED more to keep her satisfied. She surrounds herself with more than one man to fill each attribute the other is lacking, in hopes to completely fulfill her.

When the book first opens, she has Harm, Lee and Luke, but she quickly brings 19yr old J.J. into the fold. For awhile she’s happy and completely content. Then she meets Trey, AKA Devon, who makes her realize all the men in the world can’t complete her the way he can. However Trey is a one woman man and expects his woman to feel the same way about him.

Kayla is in a relationship with the others, but her heart is Trey’s the moment they meet. Is there any way he’ll accept her polygamous lifestyle? Or will she find one man really can be enough for an insatiable woman?

It was pretty predictable to see J.J. was not a very good idea. Bringing a 19yr old, no matter HOW mature he may be, into a relationship that most older men can’t handle without jealousy issues, let alone one who is so young and naive, invites trouble and trouble it does find.

J.J’s dad is a total douchebag and I wanted to hang him by his testicles quite a few times, but I also seen some validity to his concern that Kayla was making it too easy for J.J. to drop out of school and coast through life being a pool boy and a boy toy.

Although I liked the ending, it really wasn’t what I was ultimately hoping for and I felt as if people were dropping like flies off the radar to come to that conclusion. For a lifestyle that required such love and dedication, it seemed too easily scattered and I honestly felt the love and devotion Kayla required from her men not only wasn’t reciprocated to the same level, it became a a burden to her once Trey came into the picture. Had the “husbands” acted the same way towards her, it would’ve been a breach of their contract/commitment.

It kept my attention pretty steady, but I found moments where I’d look down and think to myself, is that the furthest I’ve read? It’s hard to explain the opposing feelings I have. In one aspect I feel like things dragged on a bit too much, other times it seemed the ending came to a conclusion too neatly and quickly.

But despite those issues, I still really enjoyed the story. I found it empowering to see a woman in the dominant role of a polygamous relationship. You go girl!! And Trey sounded absolutely sexy and alpha all the way! Yum!

Harm is the person I connected the most with. He’s the one who seemed the most committed in the relationship out of EVERYONE! I really want to read his story. I want to learn his secret that tears him up. I want to make him feel better. lol I became invested in him and his happiness.

I will definitely be coming back for more from this series and I think if you’re looking for a flip side to the “My Five Wives”/”Sister Wives” topic, or like some menage action, this is definitely a book you’ll enjoy!

~Robin Malone

Grade Scale:

(Based upon the Book Reads and Reviews Rubric)

  • Plot – 8
  • Characterization – 8
  • Style – 8
  • Threshold Quality – 8
  • Addictiveness – 8

Total – 40

Rating –4 Stars!