Sins & Secrets Sunday: Volume 1

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If you’d like to have a question answered or confess a “sin”, then please fill out This Form.  It allows you to be completely anonymous.  So no chance of anyone discovering your identity and posting your secret/sin all over the place and ruining your reputation.

Now lets get started with the brave two who I received messages from.  ~Robin

*Note: Messages have been edited for grammar only.

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Sweet Specials Saturday

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*PLEASE READ!: If you are interested in having your New Release, Sale, Event or Coming Soon posted in this segment, please MESSAGE me on my Facebook Page.  

I am always happy to help Authors, however I don’t like having my page spammed.  I’ve made allowances, but it’s beginning to be every single day and that’s overkill.  It not only becomes rude, but if it’s a street team member, it’s a horrible representation of the Author you’re trying desperately to show love for.  Save those moments for a specific “Shout Out” post.

I’d also like to ask you to delegate ONE street team member to contact any specific blog. I’ve also had the issue of being messaged by 3 different people, for the same Author, with a copy/paste message, on the exact same day. Again, very poor representation of the Author. 

Thanks!! ♥ ~Robin

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“Nightlife: London” by Travis Luedke (#4 Nightlife Series)

 photo NightlifeLondoncover-comp_zps619ec4c6.jpgVampires Aaron and Michelle prowl the dark, gritty, strip clubs and back alleys of London on the hunt for Michael Jamison, the man who stole Michelle’s blood and left her for dead. To assist them, Aaron’s new master, Urvashi, calls in favors from her friends, Russian mercenary werewolves.

Wolves Katya and Ivan, hunters adept at killing rogue vampires, set aside their animosity for Aaron and Michelle to stop Jamison from murdering another woman – he already has one bloodless victim lying in the morgue.

Jamison, ex-special forces, feels his enemies closing in, but he won’t go down without a fight – and like Aaron and Michelle, he also has powerful friends. Continue reading