“Double Her Pleasure” by Randi Alexander

 photo 2940149078073_p0_v1_s260x420_zps5fa5b6ed.jpgMegan Shore had spent a fantasy week in Chicago with two of the sexiest men she’d ever met. Now she’s a guest on their ranch, and the McGatlin brothers, Trey and Garret, are heating up their ménage under the bright Texas sun. But when strange messages and mysterious gifts begin appearing, Megan fears the threat from her past has followed her from Canada. 

Trey and Garret McGatlin decided they wanted Megan for more than just that mind-blowing week in Chicago. Now that she’s with them on the Silver Spur, they’re thinking long-term. But she’s spooked by a past that won’t leave her alone and by people’s questions about their relationship. Will Megan bolt for home, or can they assure her she’s safe as well as desired in their bed?

I received this book from the author, Randi Alexander, for an honest review and so I shall deliver.

The Review

We met Trey, Garret and Megan in “Double Her Fantasy”(Read Review HERE)and I drooled as the three burned up the sheets together.  In this book they’re still burning up the sheets, but this time they’re doing it at the McGatlin Ranch.

But Megan has a stalker who frightened her so bad in college, she changed her name, looks, everything. Even her MAJOR!

After her picture was taken with Garrett(a movie star) she fears he’ll come after her again.  If he does, she’s hoping he won’t be able to find her on the ranch.  She’s also hoping she’ll either get the McGatlin boys out of her system or they’ll make this menage relationship something more permanent.  But will they feel the same?  Or will she be just another notch on the bedpost?

My Final Thoughts: I absolutely LOVE Trey.  He is sensitive, protective, giving, caring and just a sexy, sweet ol’ cowboy.  Garrett is nice too, don’t get me wrong, but he is a little more immature, selfish and skittish when it comes to the ranch.  He ran once from it and his duties, leaving Trey to carry the entire load, while he was off becoming a movie star.  He’s always sworn he wouldn’t come back permanently, so will having a chance for a relationship with Megan be enough to change his mind?

Trey makes it plain he’d love Megan all for himself. But he’s also willing to share her and the ranch with Garrett if that’s what he and Megan want.  Megan is all the woman he would need.  But would Trey be enough for Megan? Or will she leave the ranch if she can’t have both? Will Garrett even want her? And what about her stalker!??  Will he figure out where she’s at? or will Megan finally find the peace she needs to let her guard down and just enjoy life and love?

Randi Alexander has become one of my favorite authors, but I hold her to a standard that I don’t hold those who I don’t read often or love.  But thus far she hasn’t let me down.  She knows how to write a panty soaking scene without making it vulgar and knows how to write a scene that will make you fall in love with her characters and with love itself.

~Robin Malone


Grade Scale:

(Based upon the Book Reads and Reviews Rubric)

  • Plot – 10
  • Characterization – 10
  • Style – 10
  • Threshold Quality – 10
  • Addictiveness – 10

Total – 50

Rating – 5 PERFECT Stars!