Sins & Secrets Sunday: Volume 1

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Now lets get started with the brave two who I received messages from.  ~Robin

*Note: Messages have been edited for grammar only.

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Dear Robin,

My boyfriend is wanting me to try anal but I don’t know if I really want to.  I’ve heard it can be really great and a woman can cum from anal alone, but I don’t see how they could overlook the pain.  Do you think it’s something I should try? My boyfriend says if I loved him I would. 

~Tight Ass

Dear Tight Ass,

First off I have to say, I LOVE your Alias name! As for anal being pleasurable, I personally wouldn’t know, since it’s something I myself, choose not to do at this time.  That being said, I’ve been in a Facebook group with women who majority of them have all done it and agree, it’s amazing.  So in my opinion it comes down to the fact if you’re personally wanting to give it a try.  You are in control of your own body.  You make choices every day for it when you eat, drink, exercise, etc. Sex and the various options should be exactly that, OPTIONAL.  If your boyfriend can’t respect that fact and your decision, then it is possibly HIM who isn’t reciprocating feelings. If he loved you, he would respect all that and not stoop to trying to guilt you into doing something you don’t want to do. If you cave in and let him, meanwhile NOT wanting him to do this to your body, you are in a sense agreeing to let him rape you. That’s not love.  Not from him and not for yourself.

That all being said, I have found there are a few books that made me consider it, when once I was a 100% against it. Lora Leigh’s “Bound Series” is amazing! Whether I decide to or not, or when, is up to me though and my husband respects my choice.  Just as your boyfriend should respect yours. Stay true to yourself and love yourself!  xoxo


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Dear Robin,

I’m gay.  My issue isn’t about coming out. My family and friends already know. My problem is a religious issue. I hope it’s ok I’m asking about this, since it was mentioned this would be about sexual questions and confessions, area.  But I feel my issue is a bit sexual.  My issue is about God and being Gay and if I have the right to pray for God’s help when I’m gay.  I was always raised to believe in the bible and all it’s teachings. But I don’t believe I’m a bad person. My family is supportive in their love for me, but they still believe I’m choosing to be a walking talking sin. If by being Gay, I’m an abomination in God’s eyes, do I have the right to pray?

~Too Gay to pray

Dear Too Gay to pray,

Although I mentioned I wanted this segment to be about sex and fun things, after reading your letter, I realized this could be something more.  So thank you for trusting me with your heavy heart. ♥

I won’t go into a religious speech, because I believe everyone has a right to their opinions and beliefs.  However, I do believe everyone should be respectful and kind to another, even if you don’t agree with something such as this.  

As for your question “do I have the right to pray” you already know the answer to this.  But I’ll give you my honest opinion…Do I think you have the right to pray since you’re gay…personally I think you do.  Even if being Gay was a sin, you still have the right to pray and I also believe God would want to be there for you in your times of need.  Everyone sins. It’s a given.  There is also such a thing called “freedom to practice religion”.  You are the only person who can stop yourself from praying. If you feel it centers you…makes you a better you..a better person to others…then DO IT!  Gay or not, you should always practice kindness and love.  Especially to yourself.  Don’t punish yourself for being Gay by withholding prayer.  If you allow yourself to fall into the trap of punishing yourself for it…you’ll allow others to.  And that my dear is not acceptable. 

HUGE HUGS to you!! xoxo


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