Thoughts of a Reviewer: Hi Everyone!!!

I just want to let you all know I haven’t forgotten you, nor have I abandoned Book Reads and Reviews. I’m so sorry I haven’t sent this post out sooner!!

I’ve just been spending time with my Daughter and Son. My daughter will be 21 soon and my son just turned 16. It dawned on me how little time I’ve spent with them since starting the blog last August. I wasn’t connected to them anymore, ESPECIALLY my son. This summer he has been helping me recover from my Appendectomy. Normally people bounce back from that surgery pretty quick. I however have had numerous issues with the incisions. After a CT Scan revealed incisions were perfect and no hernia, we concluded the intense pain in the area was because of my Fibromyalgia. So we’ve been working on dosages to help with the nerve endings. It seems to be helping a bit. I can now wear jeans on occasion, unlike before! 🙂

My job requires heavy lifting, so my son has been helping me with anything that’s too much for me.(I’m self employed) During this time, we have grown close again. I’ve learned so much about him and his life outside of home. It’s been wonderful. I can’t express how much it has meant to me for him to allow me into his teenage world.

As for my daughter, we’ve always been close, but it’s been nice to catch up with her as well since she’s been so busy with college(She’s going to college to be a Nurse and will also earn her AA in a couple weeks!!! SO proud of her!!

I love my followers, my blog, my author friends and reading so very much! But I can’t say I regret my decision to take some time off for my kids.

I hope you will all continue to follow me, even though it is inactive at the moment. School will be back in session soon and my son and daughter will go back to their worlds, while I go back to mine.

I miss you all and look forward to posting freebies, teasers, tours, giveaways and all the other things you love about my site! Just please hang in there a bit longer for me.

Love you!! ~♥Robin

PS If you’ve sent emails or review requests, I haven’t read them yet, but will as soon as I can!!! Sorry!! ♥

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