Thoughts of A Reviewer: I’m Back!

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Hi everyone!!  I hope I still have some followers!  I’m so sorry about the inactivity, but I needed a break.  I’d overwhelmed myself and got burnt out. After the surgery, things just seemed to spiral out of control in my mindset and emotions. Plus I needed/wanted to spend time with my kids.

I also grew my very first garden this year!!  Due to the fact I usually kill every plant I touch(I’ve killed a couple cactus for f**k’s sake), my husband only allowed me an 8×8 section of our yard(I think it was even smaller than that!). lol  Figuring I’d kill at least half of what I planted, I planted 8 tomato plants, 5 corn, 2 watermelon and 2 cucumber.  Everything lived except for the watermelon.  You can imagine the cluster f**k. SO…I have about 15 Qts and several pints of Salsa, not counting what we’ve already eaten and given away.  My cucumbers each grew about six vines each and they produced cucumbers galore.  So I made a lot of salads(tomatoes and cucumbers), pickled several Qts and pints and have given a LOT away.

Despite the total chaos of my garden, I had more pride then I’ve had in a very long time. I really needed that boost. Hubby says I can have a bigger one next year! 😀  Just watch, I’ll end up killing them all. lmao

Now down to business!  I have not read emails/messages yet, so please bear with me while I get my feet wet again.  I plan on doing things differently with the way I do things and lay them out, but I have yet to decide exactly where I’m wanting to go with all of this.

Prior to my hiatus, I found it very hard to say “No” to people, so I became very overwhelmed with promo/tour posts and then trying to slip reading and reviews in there.  Freebies were a rare treat.  But I’ve also come to realize this is the main cause of my “break down”.  I really enjoy sharing freebies, etc. with you…so I know this will be one of my priorities, however I will be doing this different as well.  Again, haven’t really decided how to proceed.

Reviews of course will be the main focus, however I’m not sure if I’ll be opening up review requests just yet.  I have a stack of read books that still need reviews written, books that need read/reviewed and also I need to decide how to proceed once I DO open up requests.  The other way was not working, once again due to my reluctance to say “No”.  Instead I found it easier to just stop everything all together.  I don’t want this to happen again.  I love reading, writing and helping out authors too much.

Just know I am back, refreshed and ready to gain back my follower’s attention.

Thank you for sticking it out with me and I hope with a refreshed mindset, I can really make this fun for everyone. ♥  ~Robin

PS I’d love to hear what everyone else has been up to over the summer!!!