Sins and Secrets Sunday: Volume 3

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Hi Robin,

So this week I just bought my very first dildo. I haven’t used it yet but I was wondering. Would I become “desensitized” if I use it too much? Like would it take me longer to climax the next time I do it with a human because I’ve been using a dildo? I’ve heard/read that it would happen if I used a vibrator.


Dear Beginner,

I’ve heard the same thing about vibrators, and from personal experience, it CAN happen.  But the part that’s being desensitized by a vibrator is the clitoris. A dildo however is primarily inserted into the vagina and the vaginal walls don’t have the sensitivity that a clitoris does.  So, that being said, I would have to “assume” it won’t have any long term effects, even if the dildo vibrates inside. HOWEVER, keep in mind, you are exploring your own body with the dildo.  This makes it easy to find out what pleases you and what doesn’t.  A partner, especially a new one, won’t have the luxury of having the first hand knowledge, so it can and will be hit and miss until they learn your bodies signs of pleasure/pain.  This alone can prolong a climax.  You can help avoid this issue by being very verbal about your likes and dislikes. It’s the main bonus of sexual toys and exploration…knowing already what will help you climax.

Also, here is a scientific fact…only a very small percentage(20-25%) of women can climax with vaginal intercourse alone.  So honestly, with or without using a dildo, the climax via vagina will tend to be difficult for the average women anyway, unless you climax via your clitoris first or stimulate it while having vaginal intercourse. So my personal advice….have fun and explore! 😀


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This is the only question I have this week.  However I would love to get some input from my readers, on YOUR experience with Dildos & Vibrators.  Has it caused issues with your climax by over usage? You can comment here, on the Facebook post OR if you’d prefer to remain anonymous, use this FORM.  I’ll be taking some responses and posting them in next weeks Secrets & Sins Sunday post!

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