“The Endangered” by S. L. Eaves

 photo the-endangered-cover_zps6c470089.jpgHave you ever gotten sick from getting a flu shot? Have you ever turned into a werewolf from a getting a flu shot? How did that make you feel?

When a prominent pharmaceutical company releases its newest strain of the flu vaccine to the public, all hell breaks loose, literally. A gnarly side effect turns those who receive the vaccine into werewolves, and only a small population of vampires, known as The Endangered, are capable of fighting against the ever-growing werewolf population. When all is said and done, secrets will be exposed, alliances formed, and blood spilled as The Endangered do everything in their power to preserve their own kind and their food supply.

I received this book from the Author S.L. Eaves, in exchange for an honest review.

The Review

I really did enjoy this book, it’s reminiscent of Underworld Awakenings, and the war. Yes that is a good thing!

It’s set in a world where humans still do not know that vampires and werewolves exist (along with other things that go bump in the night) other than in books and movies.

Lori is a human who is turned, based on the word of a pure blood vampire. He senses that she could help turn the tide in the war with the wolves. A romance blossoms between Catch and Lori as he teaches her about her new life and the raging war. A war where the vampires are the good guys! They are trying to save not only themselves, but the human race.

Under the guise of a flu vaccine, the wolves have made a virus that will in fact turn many into werewolves, by the thousands! Again it’s the age old thing about greed, revenge and a lust for power to rule.

Final Thoughts: This book was very well done, especially considering this is her first book!! I really enjoyed the story and the ending left it open for another book, one that I hope is coming! I would love to read it!

~Tamera McIntosh

 photo PerfectionFlowerRating_zps67d247b7.png


Grade Scale:

(Based upon the Book Reads and Reviews Rubric)

      • Plot – 10
      • Characterization – 10
      • Style – 10
      • Threshold Quality – 10
      • Addictiveness – 10

Total – 50

Rating – PERFECT