Thoughts of a Reviewer: Justified or Certified?

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For the sake of fairness, I want to start this post out with three definitions. This is so you can see them and keep them visible as you read the articles, my thoughts and the facts as I know them about the following scenario.

Many of you in the literary community have probably heard about the following article, written by an author named Kathleen Hale.

Am I Being Catfished? An Author Confronts Her Number One Online Critic

In this article she writes about how a blogger named “Blythe” caught her eye and she proceeded to skim “Blythe”‘s blog and Goodreads profile, to see if she’d reviewed her book.  When Hale discovered Blythe had indeed read and reviewed it…giving it a one star and a very blunt review/opinion of it, she became extremely upset and then proceeded to pay for a background check on “Blythe”, call her at work, “planned my car rental for a few months down the line.” to visit “Blythe”‘s home, DID visit “Blythe”‘s home, left her a “white flag” gift on her doorstep when “Blythe” wouldn’t answer the door, messaged her repeatedly on Twitter and Facebook until she made both private, but hey it helped Hale!!

“In some ways I’m grateful to *Name withheld out of respect*, or whoever is posing as Blythe, for making her Twitter and Instagram private, because it has helped me drop that obsessive part of my daily routine. Although, like anyone with a tendency for low-grade insanity, I occasionally grow nostalgic for the thing that makes me nuts.

Unlike iPhone messages or Facebook, Twitter doesn’t confirm receipt of direct messages. Even so, I return now and then to our one-way conversation, wanting so badly for the time stamp at the bottom of my message to read “Seen”.

Not only did Hale use the background check to find out personal information on “Blythe”, she also enlisted advice from Nev Schulman, from MTV’s Catfish and has personal contacts through Harper Publishing, who also happens to be her book’s publisher via Harper Teen. She also has public support from Anne Rice and many other people.

While I’ve watched this unfold, I’ve also discovered a link to an article Hale wrote about her previous stalking experience when her mother was accused of molesting a young girl.  Hale proceeded to stalk the young girl and pour peroxide on her head in the middle of a theater.

The scary part is…she finishes both articles with current information on these two women. Interpretation….she’s stalked them yet again to gain this information.


First off…I don’t know either Kathleen Hale or “Blythe”.  I’d never heard of them before this article came out.  I’m not stating my opinion out of loyalty to someone, I’m stating it because I am a Book Reviewer and a real person. I read books and I give my PERSONAL opinion on them. My motto from the beginning has been to be 100% Honest, Fair and Kind. That being said I will and HAVE posted 1-2 Star Reviews. I’m not doing this to hurt an author or their sales. I’m doing it to stay true to myself(Honesty) and my followers. I will however give my reasons behind my rating. I will admit when it’s a pet peeve, but I will still take that in consideration when I rate. Remember, this is MY opinion. I also try to be kind with my wording. However I’m sure no amount of softening the blow will take away the sting of my rejection.

That being said…even if I put in every single review, “This is a piece of shit, do NOT read it! I repeat DO NOT READ IT!” Then tweeted it 24/7, 365 days a year, this does not make it okay to STALK me…and yes, by definition Kathleen Hale is a STALKER!  She should be getting fined at the very least, not putting “Blythe”‘s real name out there for the world to see.  FYI, “Blythe” has disappeared since this article came out. Deleting her accounts and went into hiding.  She must be terrified wondering who will show up at her door next.

It is because of people like Kathleen Hale that “Blythe” and other bloggers(AND Authors) use pseudonyms and those who don’t, might just start.  Well guess what, I use my real name…hear that? I live in Iowa. I’m not going to hide, even though part of me is afraid. Bring your sorry ass to my town and see what happens.

~Robin Malone

*SPECIAL NOTE:  If you are a reader, blogger or author who supports Kathleen Hale and her stalking behavior, SHAME ON YOU!!! This woman doesn’t need encouragement, she needs help!!!  If this was a man who wrote the article and who performed these actions, he’d be in jail and if you truly don’t get that, then there is something seriously wrong with your conscience, heart, what ever.