“Wind and Shadow (The Talbot Trilogy)” by Tori L. Ridgewood

 photo 0f0a54fd-bffc-4e91-b1cc-0e86650859ec_zps5afa5f20.jpgRayvin Woods, photographer and natural witch. She just wanted to start her life over again after a series of misadventures. She didn’t count on rekindling a lost love when she came home to Talbot…or battling a malevolent vampire and his coven for her life.

Grant Michaels, police officer. He thought Rayvin was a murderer. He will do whatever it takes to protect the community he loves from danger…but will he learn to trust his heart, and the word of a witch, before it’s too late?

Malcolm de Sade, cunning vampire, imprisoned underground for a year by Charlotte Fanning and Pike Mahonen (“Mist and Midnight”, Midnight Thirsts). His accidental release unleashes his hunger and ambition on a small, sleepy town…

I received this book from the Author, Tori L. Ridgewood, in exchange for an honest review.

The Review

I absolutely loved this book. It takes you in and does not want to let you go! Keep in mind this is a series, so YES there is a cliffhanger and a thirst for more, a need to know what happens next.

The story line was very well thought out. The characters are very believable and you love some and really dislike others.

I have once again found the first novel of a new author and I must say I am completely hooked, please bring me more!  Very well done and many thank yous to the author for the exciting ride!  I’m so looking forward to the rest of it!

10 yrs ago Rayvin Wood left behind her childhood home in Talbot, after an accident left a boy paralyzed and the town shunning her, believing she was responsible. Now she must return to the one place she would rather not be, because of an ex lover, who after taking all of her money, has turned into a stalker threatening her.

Not only is Rayvin returning to Talbot, but she’s going back to the foster sister, Andrea, who loves her and has always stood by her. She must turn to her sister for help and a fresh start. But will the town allow her to do that? Small towns seem to have a long memory and are unforgiving, but have they forgotten her past? What about the boy she had a crush on in high school? Will they let her start anew?

Soon after Rayvin’s return things get weird. A sink hole opens up in the main road just as she drives over it, pets are showing up dead or missing, then people come up missing. Can Rayvin stop this or will she be pulled into the madness? As a natural witch she knows it’s Vampires, but can she get anyone to believe her? Will her high school crush, Grant, who is now a cop, believe her and help her?

WOW! Did I mention I really loved this book? Well I did and yes I’m wanting the next one like RIGHT now!  The twists and turns in this book will have you turning the pages to see what happens next!

~Tamera McIntosh

Grade Scale:

(Based upon the Book Reads and Reviews Rubric)

  • Plot – 10
  • Characterization – 8
  • Style – 10
  • Threshold Quality – 10
  • Addictiveness – 8

Total – 46

Rating – 5 Stars