Thoughts Of A Reviewer: With 2015 comes changes!

I’m not sure how many have noticed my absence, but for those who have, I feel I owe an explanation.  First off, I need you to understand, I LOVE Book Reads and Reviews.  I love helping new authors succeed and experienced authors to continue to.  I enjoy reading your books and I enjoy sharing my reviews.  My goal is and always has been, to help the author AND readers alike.  I accomplish this through my honesty and love for reading.

That all being said, Book Reads and Reviews has been the lowest of my priorities for the past year.  To recap, on January 23, 2014, I had an emergency surgery to remove my appendix.  It took me a VERY long time to heal.  I was still having issues in July, so a CT Scan was performed.  The Surgeon’s Secretary, called to tell me that no hernia was found and to follow up with my primary physician if I had any other problems. 

I have Fibromyalgia, so in a desperate attempt to find some pain relief, I went to my Fibromyalgia specialist who thought my scar pain was being caused by my illness.  So my medication was adjusted.  This actually DID help for a couple months. Then I began to have pain that I assumed was from kidney stones.  The time between them became shorter and shorter, until the pain was constant and in BOTH kidneys at the same time.  I went to my primary doctor, assuming I had a kidney infection.  During my appointment, I happen to mention my CT Scan in July.  She read the notes and seen where the Radiologist had noted that my kidneys had an abnormal amount of cysts that were consistent with Polycystic Kidney Disease.

After seeing a specialist, I was officially diagnosed with it.  Not only do I have the disease, but my kidneys are both filled with cysts, inside and out AND they are enlarged and my kidney function is already declining.  Needless to say, my entire world stopped.  I went through(and continue to go through) various stages of grief.  My life, as I knew it, was no longer.  I have a disease that is incurable, painful and in many cases will require a kidney transplant once kidney function is in the lower percentage.(Luckily my kidneys are still functioning at 90%)  

I am in constant pain daily. Some days, it becomes excruciating.  It will come on suddenly without warning.  It can last anywhere from 1 day, to one week.  Then it will let up and be the constant, but bearable pain. Even my job is hard to do. Thankfully what I do allows flexibility and my husband/kids can help me when I can’t do it alone. On the severe days, I can’t do it at all.

After consulting with my Urologist, he recommended I have surgery on both of my kidneys to “pop” the larger and most painful cysts. One of them on my right kidney is the size of a baseball.  He figures when all is said and done, he will cut hundreds of cysts on EACH kidney.  This will relieve me of my pain.  It’s only temporary, since there is NO stopping the cysts from growing and the disease progressing.  However there ARE some things I can do to help slow the growth and progression down.  These changes will be a lifestyle choice, that I will begin in 2015.  It consists of eating less meat and more fruits and vegetables.  It also consists of drinking a LOT of water. I finally feel I have an ounce of control over this disease.

My first surgery will be on January 21, 2015.  I am looking forward to it.  I am SO ready to get my life back and this will be the day that starts me on the road to recovery.  The second operation will be 6 weeks later.  I will do my best to try and post more, but with this constant pain from my PKD and also from my Fibromyalgia, it is very hard to do, physically AND mentally.  I hope you will all keep being loyal followers of Book Reads and Reviews.  I look for it to be late March before I am well enough to pick back up where I left off.  But when I’m able, I will come back with a vengeance! ♥

Until then, I will not be taking any review requests unless it is from an author I’ve reviewed for in the past. If in the meantime I can teach my amazing Co-blogger, Tamera, the ropes on how to create posts, then it might be sooner.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long post. It means so much to me.  I hope 2015 brings each and every one of you, peace, love, happiness, health and prosperity. 2015 is a new year.  A chance for changes and new beginnings.  I love and appreciate you all!