New Release & Giveaway: “Burning At Last” by Crystal Rister

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#Erotica #Paranormal #Romance with #vampires and #wolf #shifters


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Sara’s childhood home is burned down, taking both her parents. While escaping Jarroth, Sara’s childhood friend is shot, and urges her to flee far away, with the promise to find her. After years of moving from place to place she returns to Kentucky, working as a waitress and living in a motel. After having a few drinks in a bar one night, she attempts to go home only to be attacked by vicious Vampires, where a sexy stranger intervenes. Though, in the midst of fighting for her safety she is knocked unconscious, only to awaken in the strangers home, and find out he is her long lost childhood friend Jarroth. More than that, he reveals that he is a shifter wolf, and her fated mate. As they re-discover each other, and he tells her about The Burning, the past comes back with the intent to end them both. The evil that burned down Sara’s home is the same that is after them, but more than that, the evil is also someone they both once knew, and loved dearly.


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Sara shook her head. “No, Jarroth! I have to stay with you!” Sara sobbed as she hugged him, but then she jerked her hand back when it touched something warm and sticky on his back. Sara looked at her hand and saw the bright red on her fingertips, like a thick, liquid glove. She looked at Jarroth as the source of his pain registered. He had been shot in the back.

“Sara, you must go. Don’t stop until you’re safe and far away from here. I will find you again, I promise. Please, love! Run and don’t look back!” A tear leaked from his right eye as he touched her cheek with the palm of his hand. His voice took on an angry tone when he spoke again. “Run, now!”

Responding to Jarroth’s loud and demanding tone, Sara took off. Fearing what she might see, she didn’t turn around for one last glimpse of the man who was her best friend—the man who was always there when she or her parents needed him. He told her to run and not to stop until she was safe, so that’s what she did. He said he would find her again, and she knew she could trust him to keep his word.


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