“Dirk: A Stepbrother Romance” by Leela Ash


I felt so out of place going to my mother’s fancy wedding on a private island. I could never dream of living a lifestyle full of so much luxury. It was all a bit overwhelming, and then I found someone I thought I could relate to. With his tattoos and muscular body, I never would have pegged him as any type of billionaire, but with the way he demanded respect from everybody in the room, I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised to find out that’s exactly what he was. He was everything I had ever been attracted to in a man… but then I realized that he is also a total arrogant prick.

Still, for some reason I couldn’t get him out of my head. By the time I realized that he would be my new stepbrother, it was too late. I was hooked on him. I couldn’t wait to get off that island as fast as I could, but it turns out I lost my passport and couldn’t get back into the country without it. So I’m stuck here with this complete jerk, and he’s infected my thoughts like a rich, sexy, parasite. I don’t know what to do.



My father’s new marriage is a joke, but the one thing I’m not laughing about is my sexy new stepsister. Her curves bring out the beast in me and I have to do my best to behave. Not only is she my stepsister, but she seems a little uptight. It’s probably nothing a good time wouldn’t fix, but I have my hands full already with my work.

I’m a self-made billionaire, and I intend to keep it that way. However, a group of Russians are determined to hack into my empire and bleed me dry. I can’t let that happen, and unless I can find a way to keep my new stepsister out of my hair so I can focus on the important things, we’re all going to be in trouble. I want her so bad I can hardly think straight, but I have to or there will be hell to pay. Continue reading

Long Time, No See….

The search parties can be called off. I’m back. ūüôā ¬†I’ve missed my friends, fans and all the amazing authors who trust me to read their books and to give my honest opinions on them without bias and all of you who read my reviews and trust in what I say as well.

It would be easy to say I’m back and leave it at that, but I feel I should give some kind of explanation. As many of you know, I found out in 2014 I had Polycystic Kidney Disease, which has no cure or treatment. Only the side effect symptoms can be managed, such as High Blood Pressure. It eventually leads to Kidney failure, but in the meantime it’s very painful. ¬†Normally the disease runs in families, it’s a genetic disease. I’m of the 10% that mutated it without any family history.(Leave it to me to want to be special! lol) ¬†That being said, in January and February 2015 I had 2 surgeries to remove over 200 cysts off each Kidney. It took me a LONG time to heal from it and I never could get fully back into my job at the time. So I went through a lot of changes in a short amount of time. Finding out I had a disease that I, nor anyone I knew, had ever heard of, finding out it was incurable, back to back surgeries and realizing I was gonna have to give up a job I dearly loved. So it knocked me on my butt, physically and especially mentally.

But I’m choosing to focus on the positive and it’s taken me awhile to get to this point. I have a new job that I love so very much. I’m working with special needs people and helping them live a better life, is helping me to live a better one. I’m using¬†my story to spread awareness of a disease that affects so many, but not well known. I’ve also promised myself I won’t put pressure on myself to put out one review a day(sometimes more). ¬†I had it in my head to be a good reviewer I had to post every single day, which is pretty much impossible when you’re trying to run a review site on your own 95%¬†of the time, with a family, job, life. ¬†When Tamera, my amazing guest reviewer and friend, is doing reviews, it helps, but it’s still not realistic. So instead of being fun and a hobby, reading/reviewing became another thing that I had on my plate that was getting out of control. So instead of just cutting back, I chose to cut it out. I knew there was a good chance I was going to lose all my “fan” base, and I braced myself for it. ¬†Instead I seen people staying around on my social media platforms. You didn’t give up on me, so I knew I couldn’t give up on myself. ¬†I love reading and I love putting my thoughts and opinions out there. I can’t guarantee I’ll post all the time, but I can guarantee when I do, it will be worth the read. ūüôā

Thank you for waiting for me to come back, it means more than you know.¬†💕