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Scarlett Jade(Author)

I was extremely blessed with an interview with her!! 😀

When did you know you wanted to be a writer? I knew I wanted to be a writer when I was ten. I had a teacher encourage me to write, so I made up this HORRIBLE murder mystery in which everyone died. My principal told me it was macabre.  

Cherry from your New Release “Cherry Tart”, is pretty feisty, are you and Cherry similar? Oh yeah, I think so. She’s just a little less afraid than I am at times. 

How much of your personality did you put into Cherry? Quite a bit, it was a fun book to write. I tried to come up with situations I have been in and tweak it a bit… React how I wish I had reacted, you know?  

Do you have any authors who inspire you? Any author who puts pen to paper inspires me. It takes a LOT to pull stories from your mind and even more balls to put them to paper. It’s a huge risk putting your work and yourself out there. So everyone inspires me.  

Do you have any other hobbies besides writing? I like to sing, I do a little crocheting and jewelry making. I really love to cook.  

Do you have any affirmations you tell yourself when you have writer’s block? I usually try to work on another scene or take a long walk. I don’t push myself, because I don’t put out good work when I do.  

What books do you currently have out besides “Cherry Tart”? “September Tango”, which was written with my husband, “Beautiful Downfall”, a paranormal romance that is all about second chances and faith, and “Just a Little Taste: The Trilogy”, which is a paranormal romance/erotica that I loved writing.  

Do you have any other books in the works? I’m working on a sweet contemporary romance called “Breathing in the Snowflakes”, it will be out in January 2014.

What else would you like us to know about yourself and/or your books? I try not to take myself too seriously. Life isn’t much fun that way. I write to battle a chronic disease I have, it keeps me going and keeps my mind strong. I love to tell a good story and make people smile.

Thank you Scarlett Jade for the interview! It was a pleasure and an honor!  You can find more information about Scarlett Jade and her amazing book “Cherry Tart” and her other books, “September Tango”, “Beautiful Downfall” and “Just a Little Taste: The Trilogy”, below.

If you read these books, please be sure to leave reviews for her!  ♥


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