Sweet Specials Saturday

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*PLEASE READ!: If you are interested in having your New Release, Sale, Event or Coming Soon posted in this segment, please MESSAGE me on my Facebook Page.  

I am always happy to help Authors, however I don’t like having my page spammed.  I’ve made allowances, but it’s beginning to be every single day and that’s overkill.  It not only becomes rude, but if it’s a street team member, it’s a horrible representation of the Author you’re trying desperately to show love for.  Save those moments for a specific “Shout Out” post.

I’d also like to ask you to delegate ONE street team member to contact any specific blog. I’ve also had the issue of being messaged by 3 different people, for the same Author, with a copy/paste message, on the exact same day. Again, very poor representation of the Author. 

Thanks!! ♥ ~Robin

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