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I have a love for most types of books and I want to share my opinion with others.  I started out sharing my thoughts and recommendations to friends, but then realized maybe there would be others interested in what I have to say too. You will find each review site will have various beliefs on reviews.  My beliefs are this…I believe in honesty. I believe in being honest without personally attacking the author. I also believe my readers AND authors deserve to hear what I honestly thought about their work, whether it be a DNF all the way to 5 star.  I do this because I know my readers are expecting the truth and because I know the authors can take that criticism and use it to become better.  I’m fair to the author, myself and the reader. I don’t intentionally post spoilers.

If I rate it a 5 star, you can trust it’s because I wholeheartedly love and recommend the book.  If I rate it a 1 star, or if I do not finish it, you will know why.  Every person has various tastes in genres, therefore, I won’t read what I know I won’t like. For example I wouldn’t read a science fiction novel if I know I’m not in the state of mind to truly enjoy it to it’s fullest and give it an honest review based upon the content, instead of the genre.

Authors will run the risk of me not liking their book, but they also might get the highest rating and benefit from it.  It’s the chance you will take. If I rate it low, I’ll explain why, but with the utmost respect for the author and the time and effort they put into it. I’ll also point out, I’m only one person. Because in the end, this is a site full of my opinions, not facts.  I’m by no means, an expert.  I just know what I like. 🙂

Here is a little information about me.

I’m 40 yrs old and I live in Iowa with my husband and two children. I love anything from the Paranormal to Erotica to Crime novels, but I like to have a little bit of romance in the mix no matter what it is I’m reading.

I hope you enjoy the reviews and site! ♥ ~Robin

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