Book Reads and Reviews is now offering advertising space. Authors and publishers who want a little more exposure can promote their books, upcoming releases, websites, etc, in various genres. *NOTE*  My website is pretty much centered around some form of Romance.  So sticking with that genre would benefit you greatly.

Ads and content are subject to approval.

Paid advertisements do not equal endorsements.

A paid advertisement does not equal a positive review or a guarantee I’ll even read/review the book. If I’ve read your book or read it, the review will be as it always is…HONEST.

I have not and will not accept payment for reviews or anything else I post…EVER!  So don’t ask!

Whether I review your book favorably/unfavorably, it will not affect the placement of your ad. That will be determined by the first come, first serve policy.

Once an ad space has been bought, it can not be pulled/refunded strictly because of a poor review rating, by either party.

Paypal payments are accepted.

Any inquiries or questions can be sent to me via email to:



Or you can use this contact form. I check my email numerous times throughout the day, but the contact form goes to my feedback and that’s about every 2-3 days.



Blog Stats:

*Note: I’ve restarted everything from January 1, 2014 since my blog traffic has improved immensely.

Marketing Grader Score: 85/100

Daily Page Views: Estimated 120
Monthly Page Views: Estimated Over 3,000 (As of Jan 1st – 20th it is 2,305)
Total Page Views: 8,139(From October 19th, 2013 to January 20th 2014. As you can see 2305 of those views are from January 1st to January 20th alone)

Follower Stats From August 10, 2013 – Present:

Twitter Followers: 1332 and growing fast. Current Average – 10 new followers/day.
Facebook Fans: 2076 and growing fast. Current Average – 15 new followers/day.
Subscribers: 84, just started promoting this aspect of site on November 1, 2013.

Pricing Information:

Special Feature Page {$30/month} More information on this Elite Ad and special perks/discounts can be found Here.

Sidebar Ads

Small Sidebar: 125 x 125 pixels {$5/month}
Medium Sidebar: 150 x 150 pixels {$10/month}
Large Sidebar: 200 x 300 pixels {$15/month}


•Discount rates available for 3 or 6 month ad packages that are priced total 20.00 or more.
•Additional discount on 3 month or 6 month ad package if you refer a friend who buys a package of equal or greater value.


Sample Ad Sizes:

125 x 125 Sidebar Ad


150 x 150 Sidebar Ad


200 x 300 Sidebar Ad


Acceptable Formats:

The following image formats are acceptable:

.gif (this includes animated)

*All images can be linked to the website of your choice (i.e. Author Website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc).

*Html code or image link must be provided by author/publisher.

*If you have a handful of pictures you’d like me to turn into a simple animated .gif file, I can do that. No charge.