This will be the featured Indie book of the week.  But first, let’s explain what an Indie Book/Author is.  There are many answers you will get if you ask a group of authors, but a quick summary of one is this: An Indie(Independent) Author is one who will usually self publish their books. is an example of a popular website to do so.  By self publishing, this enables the author to have more control over his/her writing and they will receive a larger chunk of the sales.  Many Indies are first timers who are taking a chance on themselves when a professional publisher won’t.  Some Indies will convert to professional publishers once they reach some success and then there are some very successful authors who are converting to self publishing.

The Indie Spotlight is for those Indies who aren’t well known in the book world yet, but who are putting out some amazing books!  I’ll promote the book here on Book Reads and Reviews, Twitter and on my Facebook Page. I’ll also give reviews on Goodreads and I’ll provide links to the author’s personal website/facebook/twitter and links to purchase the book.  Plus, I will do my best to get a personal interview with the author.  Who knows what else I’ll come up with to get the word out about this MUST READ book!

The Indie Spotlight is on……..

Niecey Roy!!!

Stay Tuned!!