Exception to this is for those who I have reviewed for in the past. Please accept my apologies and thank you for your understanding. ♥~Robin

If you have a book you’d like me to review, please read the info below on how I handle review requests.

Review Request Policy

  • MOST IMPORTANT RULE!!  All requests must be submitted using the submission form at the bottom of the page. Requests submitted via email, Twitter, Facebook or any other means besides the form, will not be taken into consideration. 
    • I know I’m one blog among many that you submit your book to for a review, but I have to ask if you want me to consider a review, PLEASE take the time to address me by my name.(Robin) When I receive generic emails, I’m not interested right from the start. If you want my attention, take two seconds to put in my name.
    • If I decline your book, don’t send me another review request for same book. Make note I declined this time/book. Otherwise you waste both our time.
    • I will no longer be having lengthy Synopsis recaps that I used to have. I’ll put the Amazon synopsis at the beginning of the review, but the actual “Review” will be my thoughts and opinions on the book. In the past I spent so much time recapping the synopsis in my own words, that I only ended the review with a small paragraph with my actual opinion. I realize now I deprived the author and the readers of a real review.
    1. Mobi, PDF, Paperback and Hard Cover.
    2. HOWEVER: Physical copies will take precedence over digital files and are more likely to be accepted for review.
    1. Book Reads and Reviews reserves the right to deny a request for review. We are not obligated to provide a reason for declination of requests and will do so only if seen fit. Review copies sent to us without our consent and previous agreement will not be returned upon declination.
    2. Sending a copy does not guarantee a positive review. I will ONLY leave honest reviews. I value Honesty above all else.  So this means that we review everything we read. Even the not so great books. I’m aware that many book review blogs will not post anything less than a 3 star review. I’m not one of them. I want my readers to know when I don’t like a book just as much as when to one-click it right this very instance. So yes, I will post 1 & 2 star reviews of any book I receive/read, regardless of its source. We do not go out of our way to be cruel or critical. I believe you can be honest without tearing down an author’s hard work/baby. But sometimes things just aren’t good. And we’re human. Sometimes we just don’t like something. If that’s the case – we’re going to say so.  But we also know this is just our opinion and others may like it.  So we will point out if our rating is based on personal pet peeves, etc and what exactly we didn’t like, so readers can decide for themselves if it’s something they might still like.
    3. DO NOT bother asking us to review your book if you have a rating limit on what you want posted. If we read it and it is a 1 Star, it WILL be posted! No ifs, ands, or buts.
    4. I encourage you to make use of the “blurb and small excerpt” section. What is read there may very well determine whether your book is read or not.
    • Should your book be part of a series, please be willing to provide copies of the prequels. This allows me to get familiar with the characters and story line of the book I’m being asked to review in the series.  Even if you say it is a “Stand alone” book, I still feel if it’s part of a series, then I’m missing something from the characters’ back story. So I want the chance to find out how these characters earned their own book.  This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be receiving reviews on each book.  The only book I’ll definitely be reviewing is the one requested and accepted.  However if I have time and am inclined, I might write reviews for the other books in the series as well.
    • Please do not give me a time limit as I like to actually READ the book before reviewing.  It might take a day or months. I do not know. But one thing is certain, the review will come up only after I have finished reading the book. The exceptions to this rule are:
      1. Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) – It will be reviewed in a timely fashion. I request a minimum six weeks time frame before the set release date to read and review the book. ARC reviews will be posted within a week of the release date, unless otherwise agreed. This creates more buzz and excitement for both the book itself and our readers.
      2. Books that are part of a Promotional Tour I have signed up for. – These will be finished by the agreed upon date.
    • I automatically post to the Book Reads and Reviews accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.
    • If asked or if I feel very strongly about the rating(positive OR negative), I will post to Goodreads and Amazon.  On occasion if asked, I will also post to Barnes & Noble.
    • Since they only allow whole number reviews and we sometimes use .5 ratings, We will round up or down dependent on which we feel fits our feelings the closest.
    • Paranormal Romance
    • Erotic Romance(ALL types including those considered “Taboo”.)
    • Contemporary/Chic Lit Romance
    • Romantic Comedy
    • Historical Romance as long as the story is centered around an actual romance.
    • Motorcycle Club
    • Children’s Books
    • Non-Fiction(Documentaries, How To’s, etc)
    • Classics or any variation of one, unless it’s an Erotic variation.
    • NOTHING that deals with religion or politics. This includes reincarnation, coming to terms with your beliefs, etc. That being said, I can still appreciate a story that doesn’t have sex and will “hint” to a spiritual base.
    • Horror
    • Science Fiction/Apocalyptic/Futuristic
    • Historical if the main focus is the History instead of a romance.
  • NOTE: I have been known to accept different Genre’s here and there. It just depends upon where my mood is at the time. If I or a Guest Reviewer think it sounds interesting, we’ll read a chapter or two and see if we think it’s something that we might enjoy. If we do – we’ll read it and review it just like any other book. If we don’t, we’ll let you know and won’t waste any more of our time or yours.

Notable Quotes that are always with us when we review:

“Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.” – Stephen King

“In a sense, one can never read the book that the author originally wrote, and one can never read the same book twice.” – Edmund Wilson


Book Reads and Reviews Rating System that is used by myself and Guest Reviewers.

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