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If you would like the chance to be featured in the “Sins and Secrets Sunday” post, please use this contact form to send in a question or confession.

The form does not require your real name or email. But it does require an Alias that will be used with your question/confession in the post.  Not even I will know your real name, unless it is given by you, in which case only your first name would be used in the post and I would uphold the honor system of secrecy. I also won’t know your email address unless you provide it with your question.

This is is strictly for fun and is not a replacement for professional advice.  Please contact a specialist for anything pertaining to your mental, physical, etc. health and well being.

I’m hoping we can have fun with this, but if the Anonymous feature is abused(DO NOT confess something illegal to me, ESPECIALLY if it deals with death, animals or children), then I’ll have to just stop having the segment or start requiring real emails/names and just keep the anonymity in the posts, meanwhile having the real information for validation.

All sexual and relationship questions/confessions are welcome as long as they’re legitimate. Depending upon content and popularity of the segment, your question/confession may or may not be featured, but I’ll do my best to include everyone’s mail and reply to them. ♥

Let’s have some fun!!


*NOTE:  I won’t have people being bashed for what they send in.  This is supposed to be fun and although the names will be an alias, the person can still be hurt by comments.  Keep it civil or comments will be deleted.

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