Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: “Before You” by Lisa Cardiff

Before You Blog Tour BannerSynopsis

Aubrey Keaton has never
had a supportive family. Luckily, she has Camden…

Her childhood friend. Her
savior. Her boyfriend.

Even after Camden leaves
their hometown to chase his dream to be a musician, Aubrey can’t imagine her life without Camden and
his family.

Before starting a job search
for her own dream job, Aubrey decides to visit Camden in California for a month. But when she arrives,
something unexpected happens…she meets Jax Carmichael, the lead singer in Camden’s

Jax Carmichael doesn’t
have time for a relationship…much less love.

Even if Aubrey is
irresistible, she’s a complication he doesn’t want or need. He has spent the last few years building
Chasing Ruin, and the band is on the verge of being signed. Pursuing Aubrey could destroy his band, and
he’s worked too hard to be successful without his family’s money, or connections, to let that

Aubrey feels an attraction
to Jax like something she’s never experienced before.

Confused, she tries to
resist, but when her relationship with Cam begins to unravel, she realizes that Jax might just be the one
thing she needs.

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Jax either started pulling her toward him or she started leaning toward
him, she wasn’t sure which. The way his thumb delicately stroked her wrist scattered her alcohol-soaked
wits, and it took her a few seconds to remember to breathe. Bre stared at his mouth; completely
fascinated by the sensual curve of his lips and she just barely resisted the urge to wet her own lips in

With his mouth only inches from hers, he whispered, “You can’t look at
me like that, Bre. I’m trying to be good. I know you’re Cam’s girl and the band’s important to me, but
there’s only so much I can resist, and when you look at me like that I want to ignore all the reasons why
kissing you is a really bad idea.”

Unable to speak, she closed her eyes, trying to regain her senses, but it
was hard when she could feel his heated gaze and his warm bourbon breath tickling her face. She knew
the rational thing to do was push him away, but she didn’t want to. His lips brushed hers, moving slowly,
causing a tingling sensation that she suspected wasn’t a figment of her imagination. “Hmmm…” she
murmured, draping her arms carelessly over his shoulders, breathing in the smell of him, wanting to be
closer to him, wanting more of him, wanting to forget everything but him.

As he wrapped his arms around her waist, his tongue caressed hers once,
then twice, and then his fingers began tracing the skin on her thigh just below her hemline at an
indecently slow pace. Just as he started lowering her to the floor, inching his body between her legs, she
heard laughter outside the still open door. Bre’s eyes popped open.

“Jax always hides out in his room when he gets in his moods.” Bre froze,
recognizing Katie’s shrill voice.

“Maybe he knows where Bre is. I haven’t seen her for over three

“Probably not, you know how Jax is with his personal space.”

Bre’s eyes blinked in confusion. Then, suddenly she scrambled backwards
and onto her feet, nearly tripping over the almost empty bottle of bourbon.

“It’s Cam,” she mouthed to Jax, bracing her hands on the footboard of his
bed, completely shaken, but oddly disappointed by the loss of contact with him.


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I found this book fun and enjoyable to read. So not your usual love story or even love triangle. At times you want to hit Aubrey upside the head for being too trusting and wearing Rose colored glasses. Other times you’re wanting to beat the heck out of Camden for being a jerk.

Aubrey Keaton “Bre” is a naive young lady whose life has not been kind or fair. Her mother is an artist and a self proclaimed “free spirit who lives in the moment” doing what feels right to “her”. She never tells Bre who her father is and really has no time for her daughter. Bre’s mother moves them back to Colorado to her mother’s and promptly leaves her.

Her grandmother, even though she loves Bre, has her moments where Bre knows she would rather be doing other things besides being the primary caretaker to her.

On Aubrey’s 10th birthday she meets Camden, the boy who lives next door. Soon Camden becomes her best friend, her rock. His family becomes her extended family. In high school they start dating, all the way through college, it’s just assumed that they will marry.

Camden is a small town, Colorado boy with big dreams of a music career.  After college he moves to LA, leaving Aubrey to finish out her Masters in Fine Arts. In LA Camden falls in with the band “Chasing Ruin”, when they lose their guitarist. He soon takes over the business end of the band. He works hard to set up gigs and to get the band signed to a record label. In the process he loses himself to the life style. He becomes a total jerk always bailing on Bre and putting her on the back burner.

Jax Charmichael is the lead singer of “Chasing Ruin”, and Camden’s friend. Jax is the son of a famous father in the entertainment industry. His father gave him an ultimatum to work for him or be cut off.  Jax loves music and walks away.

After struggling for years the band is now on the verge of being signed, thanks in part to Camden.  Jax sees Aubrey for the first time when she comes to LA and the bar where they are playing at. Not knowing who she is, Jax is taken by her fresh and honest ways, so unlike the women he’s been around.  The more Jax gets to know Bre, the more he wants her.  The fact that Camden is always canceling plans with Bre and asking Jax to cover for him, isn’t helping matters.   The sparks are there between them.

Not one to give spoilers I will say this is a great start to a series of books! Way to go Lisa!

5 Stars!

~Tamera McIntosh, Independent Reviewer for Book Reads and Reviews.





After spending years practicing law and running a real estate
development company with her husband, Lisa decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer and
she must confess that inventing characters is so much more fun than writing contracts and legal briefs.
A native of Colorado, she lives with her husband and three children in Denver. When she isn’t managing
the chaos of raising three children and owning her own business, she can be found reading or writing a


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Celebrate Romance

About the Book

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For years, Amy Underwood has been wracked by guilt over her sister’s fatal overdose. With one last shot at redemption, she is determined to open a drug treatment center—even if it means her shameful secret will be exposed. But when she sneaks into the biggest political event of the year in search of funding, she quickly discovers that in the world of fast-paced politics there is always a price—and this one could cost her everything.

Running for a second term, the young governor of New York, Roman Reese, finds that his privileged past and dark childhood could not only threaten the blue-collar vote—but his reputation and livelihood as a politician. So when he meets a sexy woman with big ambitions, he quickly strikes a deal: He’ll see that Amy’s clinic obtains funding, and she’ll play the down-to-earth girlfriend to help his electability. They’ll keep the relationship strictly business, scripted to the last detail, and end it when the polls close.

But secrecy and desire have a way of binding hearts. As Election Day draws closer, so do Amy and Roman—until the discovery of one final deceit threatens to tear them apart for good.

I chose the book “Breathe You In”, because it was such a surprise and so wonderful.  I gave it a 5 Star Review(Read Here). It showed how sometimes the masks we wear aren’t as great as the person who hides behind them. In the book, Amy falls in love with the man she sees under the mask.  Roman is afraid of that and prefers to believe she’s just like everyone else, only pretending to feel something for him.  We learn that both harbor secrets from their past and both feel they’re not worthy of true love.  We go through all their fears, suffering, healing and loving, with them.  You’ll smile, aww and cry out of both sadness and happiness for them.  It’s a wonderful journey and an amazing book!! ♥ ~Robin


Romantic Place I’d Love To Travel

Well, my dream romantic vacation would HAVE to be Ireland.  I think it looks just stunning!!

However for my 40th Birthday(March 24th) my husband surprised me with a little 2 day getaway that we’ll be going on in the next couple weeks.  We’ve never done anything like this, not even for our honeymoon, so this will be so exciting!! This is also the most romantic thing my husband has ever done!  We’re going to Branson, Missouri which doesn’t seem like much to some, but the hotel room and the view from it alone makes the trip worth it!! ♥

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