“Siren Song” by A.C. Warneke

A Wolf

For eighteen years Duncan Tremain has been able to control his wolf, only letting the beast out to play when the moon is full. This unyielding discipline has given him the ability to conquer whatever hardship should come his way; until Lexi Darling appears in his life. With her joie de vivre and innate sensuality, he is enchanted from the start but the more time he spends in her company the more he can feel his control slipping and the chains that bind the wolf breaking. Determined to keep her safe, he desperately tries to keep his distance, which is a challenge since he is her new boss and Lexi is persistent.

A Siren

A virgin in a temptress’s body, Lexi wants Duncan the first moment she lays eyes on him. Just as Duncan is determined to keep his distance, Lexi is determined to break down his defenses and waltz with him in the moonlight. She pursues him relentlessly, accidentally using her newly discovered Siren gifts to lure him to his downfall.

A love that has other plans

Giving in to temptation has never been so wonderful even as both have their reasons to make sure the relationship doesn’t get too deep. But the wolf knows what he wants and he wants the Siren. Continue reading

Soul Broker by Tina Pollick

Soul Broker By Tina PollickDrew and Mackenzie meet when she literally bumps into him. Their attraction is immediate, resulting in a one night stand.  

Mackenzie wakes up, Drew is gone and she’s left to deal with the aftermath.  But she’s more resourceful than what meets the eye.

Drew is a Soul Broker. He gets people to trade their souls for something they want.  He traded his soul years ago for a love he thought he wanted.  Now he’s chained to his master, who wants what Drew loves most in this world and she won’t stop until she owns more than just Drew’s soul. Continue reading