“27 Days To Be Thankful” Giveaway Event!

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It’s that time of year again!! The 2nd Annual

“27 Days To Be Thankful Giveaway”!

Last year this proved to be a very humbling, heartwarming and special Giveaway.  We got a glimpse into each other’s lives by what we were each thankful for.  I learned some were thankful for the giveaway, books, their families and jobs.  I also learned some were thankful for their lives. They had survived Cancer, an abusive boyfriend and I personally was thankful my daughter was still alive after a horrible car crash on November 13th.

This Giveaway isn’t JUST about trying to win prizes.  It’s about realizing the value of what you already have, no matter how big or small.  THAT is why I hold this giveaway dear to my heart…and why I have a repeat of authors from last year, donating again.  And why I have new ones wanting to be part of it!!

That being said…we have a lineup of AMAZING prizes to be won!!  Not only from the main rafflecopter, but also from small ones being held in the event!  

Thank you to the following Donators!! Without them, this giveaway wouldn’t be possible!!!♥
Joan Swan/Skye Jordan
Renea Mason
Felicity Kates
Rissa Blakeley
Becky McGraw
Valerie Twombly
Niecey Roy
Robyn Peterman
Blakely Bennett
Kris Calvert
Isobelle Cate
Jami Brumfield
AF Henley
Nessie Strange
Jettie Woodruff
Christiane Shoenhair
Robin Malone(me) and Tamera McIntosh(my new co-blogger!)

Here are some essential links for the Event!

“27 Days To Be Thankful Giveaway” Event (You must join to be eligible for prizes)

“27 Days To Be Thankful Giveaway” Rafflecopter (Check out those prizes!!)

“27 Days To Be Thankful” OFFICIAL Entry Post (This is where you post your “What are you thankful for” Entry comments)

If you would like to donate to the “27 Days To Be Thankful” Giveaway(or small ones being ran on the event page), please contact me via Book Reads and Reviews Facebook Page OR my Personal Page. It’s NEVER too late to join in the fun!

I hope you all come away from this giveaway with the same humble, thankful feeling I did/do. Please share this giveaway.  Don’t see bringing others in as competition or to help them win a prize.  See it as bringing others in to share in this wonderful experience.

Love and Hugs,

~Robin (Founder of Book Reads and Reviews)

PS….I’m thankful each day for every follower I have, every friendship I’ve made since I started this blog and those I had prior. My family, my friends, my pets, my job, my health and my happiness.

And Books! Seriously love those….and chocolate!!! lol